Little Fella

Will and I were doing some yard work yesterday (mowing and cleaning up the apple trees) when all of sudden I spotted this little guy. Not going to lie I let out an audible shriek when I first saw him, not because I was scared, but rather because he startled me as he slithered right by my foot.
Look at him mugging for the camera :)
Look at him, he is such a bright green color, so pretty. And of course Will had no fear of picking him up, hehe I don't think he knows any fear. After a little photo shoot we let the little guy be on his way, and go back to helping keep the insect population down :) We pretty much lost him as soon as we sent him back down in the grass, he blended in so well. 

Oh and on a completely unrelated note, we also discovered that there is a band of feral cats living on top of the mountain with us. I have no clue why they chose up here, but it is my mission to become their queen, haha. Ok so not really but at least make sure they have food and water. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! 

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  1. Aw, what a cutie! I have a corn snake, just a little bigger than that. But seeing one in the wild, I would shriek too.

    - Angela Marie @

    PS Love your blog, and would love if you followed back!

  2. So, can we be bffs? I mean, dinos, narwhals, and the first post of yours I read is an adorable snake?! For reals lady friend, awesome stuff here, awesome stuff! XO Lori

  3. AHHHH!!! ahahahaha that scares me!

  4. wow such great pics! i would be so scared.

    Do you have lots of space on the mountain to yourself? i tried to read back abit to see before asking silly questions. looks amazing miss queen of the cats!


    1. We own about an acre ourselves, there are a couple other houses around us, but they are all 3 or 4 acres away so it really feels like we have tons of space to ourselves. :)

  5. oh my... you have way more guts than me! I would have been running in the other direction if I saw such a thing!

  6. Such gorgeous green colour... beautiful fella/lady?!


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