Little Mountain Home

Oh our little mountain is full of surprises, like that one time I went to use the bathroom and there was a snake in it, or that other time there was a snake in our kayak, or yesterday when a snake came slithering up to the house, hehe! Now that sentence is a little misleading because it sounds like we are seeing snakes all the time, but these three instances took place over the course of three years. We are pretty lucky that the snakes are always very friendly, well I guess as friendly as a snake can get, and they just goes on their merry little way once we spot them (which leads me to believe it is the same guy each time). This time we were pretty lucky because I caught him on camera. 
Mountain from Amanda on Vimeo.
He was a very long fella.
After we made sure our snake friend made his way back into the woods, we went back over to our greenhouse to do a little more work on it. Will, using all his handy skills, built us a shelf and this totally amazing pallet planter! We just filled it up with dirt and had perfectly spaced rows for our spinach and lettuce seeds, it is kind the best thing ever! Fingers crossed we will actually get them to grow.
I mean seriously look at it! It's wonderful!
We are kind of in desperate need of more pots, hopefully we can get some more this weekend, when we take our big monthly trip for groceries/anything else we may need. As of right now we have spinach, lettuce, tomatos, squash, zucchini, and some pear and peach tress (outside) planted, but I am hoping to get some strawberries planted too! Will and I are pretty darn excited to try our hands at this whole greenhouse thing, we just really hope we can get at least something to grow. I don't know if I will be able to handle growing rejection, hehe.

Any tips?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday!

x's and o's


  1. I wish I could say that I know something about greenhouses but unfortunately I don't have a green thumb. Not one bit. I'm excited to see how your stab at it turns out

  2. Woo! I so want to have a pallet planter!! Be sure to keep us posted how that goes!

    PS. I hate that snake.

    1. It is super easy to make and kind of wonderful! You should totally do it once your get the house!

  3. eep, that video made my hair stand on end! And now I bet there will be a snake in my dreams tonight, and it will be all your fault, lol. Kidding about passing blame (but not about how much that snake creeped me out).


    1. Oh no I'm sorry. If it helps at all he was a very nice fella :)

  4. I think your little home is beyond all reason awesome. It's something my husband and I are always dreaming about doing!!!! And yet, we live in the heart of a city LOL! I love all these updates and your greenhouse is big time making me swoon! XO Lori

  5. You live in a cabin.....on a mountain.....AND you have a greenhouse?! I'm SOOOO jealous!!


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