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Things have been so incredibly busy ever since Will and I got back from the job in New Jersey, I've hardly had a chance to do anything other than work with the occasional sleep thrown in. It was like all of a sudden everyone and their mother was wanting work-- I mean come on couldn't they have just staggered it a little bit?! But I guess I really can't complain too, much because having work is always a good thing.

Today we are packing up our little room in Delaware and loading it the truck and car and getting everything all ready for the drive back to our little cabin in West Virginia! I am beyond ridiculously excited to be back out there, especially on a more permanent basis, fingers crossed. There have definitely been long discussions of getting a chicken and a duck pretty much as soon as posible! Having never owned a chicken or duck, I am pretty excited and nervous about this endeavor, but thankfully Will has plenty of poultry raising experience. And of course finally having our own place I can get myself a cat! You can seriously ask anyone I know and they will tell you (especially Will) how much I have wanted a cat. It has never worked out for me before having both my mom and brother being horrible allergic (which still never stopped me from begging Santa every year for a "Big, fat, kitty") to living in apartments where I couldn't have one, to living with someone who already has two (which did make my kitty lust subside if only for the time I live there). But now the it seems actually possible since the house is getting so close to being finished! Eeeee I am probably way more excited about the idea of getting a cat than I really should be, haha! 

Anyways I really need to stop dilly-dallying and get back to packing, but I just wanted to give you all a quick update. Oh and also to share another thing that I am pretty darn excited about... Instagram finally came to Android! Will has been making lots of fun of me for being this excited about Instagram, but whatevs I am excited to finally have it for my phone, because as much as I love Apple products (I use nothing but Macs for work) but I love me some Google Android phones, hehe. So anyways if you want to follow along on some photo adventures I would love to have you.
This guys keep me company while I work at my computer.
Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! 

x's and o's

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  1. I'm excited for Android users for Instagram too! Just followed you as janmiguel :)



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