Adventures in Our Tiny Cabin Home

So we have officially been living in our little cabin for two weeks! Now that might sound a little silly to be cheering about, but there seriously are a couple reasons to celebrate. 

Number one and probably the most important is that our internet works!! During these past two weeks Will and I were slammed with work, with lots of uploading and downloading of videos and other files and our internet has held out! Living in big cities you almost never worry about your internet being fast enough, but it was a huge worry for us moving out to a rural area, especially in WV. When we first started building the house three years ago the only internet available to us was satellite, which wasn't even an option for us because of how slow it is. For the longest time we were so worried about what we were going to do. Then about a year ago a broadband internet tower that sat across the valley from us was finally fixed (after being struck by lightening years prior) and we were able to get "High Speed" internet. I put it in quotes because we found out in the country high speed internet is nothing like city high speed. It's a lot slower, but still faster than DSL. But hey, it's working for us so I guess I can't complain too much. 

Number two is that not having running water hasn't been that bad. There is no well on the mountain so you either have to collect the rain water in a cistern and filter it, or you get it trucked up/go down into town and get it yourself. We are in the process of building our cistern now, but it still won't be done for awhile, so we have a large 250 gallon water tank that we load up in the truck and fill up in town. This means we just have to pay more attention to our water use. I was a little worried at first thinking we would have to drive down the mountain pretty frequently, but so far we haven't gone once! Excitement! It takes about 20 mins just to get down the mountain, so it's not just a quick trip.

Number three and the main reason for this post: I finally have a brightly colored front door! For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a brightly colored front door. I think I once saw it in a movie or something and got it in my head that it was the coolest thing ever that I needed to make happen. So yesterday I didn't have much work, and I went ahead and painted our door.
Our door looking pretty dingy. 
I think the yellow goes wonderfully with the blue we chose for our walls.
Just in case you couldn't tell how excited I was by this already! 

Our finished yellow door. Pay no mind to the eggshells in our makeshift audio booth.
It was raining yesterday so I didn't get a chance to paint the outside, but hopefully this weekend the outside of the door can be just as bright and wonderfully colorful as the inside!

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! Parks and Rec is back tonight! Yay!

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  1. What a gorgeous sunshiney color-- love love!

    1. I absolutely love how sunny it looks, makes even the grey days brighter :)

  2. NO WAY. yellow door? how cute are you two. i wanna live there! :D

    1. Haha thanks! I am now a firm believer that everyone needs to have a yellow door, or at least a pretty colored door!

  3. Oh I do very much like your cheerful yellow door!


    1. I know it makes me all happy every time I see it :)

  4. I love decorating with yellow, and I think yellow doors are SO adorable! Yours looks so great!


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