Little Fella

Will and I were doing some yard work yesterday (mowing and cleaning up the apple trees) when all of sudden I spotted this little guy. Not going to lie I let out an audible shriek when I first saw him, not because I was scared, but rather because he startled me as he slithered right by my foot.
Look at him mugging for the camera :)
Look at him, he is such a bright green color, so pretty. And of course Will had no fear of picking him up, hehe I don't think he knows any fear. After a little photo shoot we let the little guy be on his way, and go back to helping keep the insect population down :) We pretty much lost him as soon as we sent him back down in the grass, he blended in so well. 

Oh and on a completely unrelated note, we also discovered that there is a band of feral cats living on top of the mountain with us. I have no clue why they chose up here, but it is my mission to become their queen, haha. Ok so not really but at least make sure they have food and water. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! 

x's and o's

Wedding Inspiration

Am I missing something? I mean everyone keeps asking me if I'm super stressed out about the wedding yet. And truth be told I'm not, not even in the slightest. I feel like things are just naturally falling into place for our big day. For example, because we are having the wedding at our home we didn't need to look for a venue and/or spend money on one. Also, after searching for caterers that primarily do barbecue we found out there is literally one one person who does this in our town and after meeting him he is pretty much the greatest person ever. Together we came up with the most amazing menu for our wedding. 

The only thing that hasn't fallen into place quite yet is the dress. I went shopping with some friends while I was back in Phoenix and found a dress that I really like, but wasn't exactly what I was looking for. It did, however, give me a feel for the style of dress I want. I'm headed out to Portland next month to do some more dress shopping with some friends. Hopefully while I'm up there the dress will fall into place just as easily as everything else seems to have. 

So, since we've been talking about dresses I wanted to share a couple of my favortires from across the internets! 
I absolutely adore all the lace on this dress, and the little cap sleeves. So beautiful! 

Now, normally I don't like super puffy dresses, but the combination of the sparkle on top paired with the puff on bottom, and I am in love! 
I think this dress is the total package! It's a shorter dress, it has lace, and it's not pure white! I really want to try to find a dress that is off white. There is just something about them that makes them feel so much less ordinary. 
Ahh I wish there was a better picture of this entire dress, because it looks so incredible! 
I just love how sweet and simple this dress is, and I love that the bride paired it with some colorful shoes!
There are so many wonderful dresses out there that it can be pretty daunting trying to find the style that you love. I really suggest to anyone who is getting married to just go and try on dresses one day with no pressure of buying anything just to see what you are looking for. 

Do you guys have any favorite styles? If so what are they?

Happy Saturday! 

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Week in Instagram v.1

Ok so I am a little late to the game, honestly it's not my fault Instagram took forever to come out on the Android platform, but I am so happy it finally did! It really does make it so much easier to document and share fun little pictures.

So without further ado my week via Instagram.
1. Catching with the bestie via g-chat while working.
2. Painting after a long day of boring work.
3. Our little garden, hopefully there will be some sprouts soon.
4. Will changing my tire after we drove down the mountain with it flat. 
5. Went to bed with no snow woke up with a freakin' blizzard happening. Crazy weather! 
6. Got this adorable owl necklace in the mail, then had to play Sherlock Holmes to figure out who it was from.
7. Watching an old Tintin movie while working. 
8. Used the rest of the yellow door paint and started to paint our picnic table. I think it's looking pretty amazing! 
Hope everyone is having a great Friday! Oh and if you care to join along in my Instagram adventures I would love to have you! @littleladylittlecity

x's and o's

P.S. It also seems like we weren't the only ones with the crazy weather happening earlier in the week. Hopefully it figures out what season it wants to be in, hehe. 

Ummm WTF?

Oh weather I think you might be confused, you do realize winter is long since past right? I mean just because you forgot to show your head this season doesn't mean you can come over now.
Wonderful comparison by Will.
Fingers crossed the apple trees weren't bit by this late cold snap too badly, I really want to have apples for our wedding come this October! 

x's an o's

Wedding Inspiration (Oh Yesterday)

Oh yesterday you were not much of a friend to me, well at least not for the first part of the day.  It started with a screw puncturing my tire and us not noticing until we drove down the mountain. We were headed on our monthly trip to Winchester (which is about a hour away) to get some major shopping done, groceries and other supplies, but we had to put the donut on and drive back up the mountain, which ate up almost a hour!
Poor car.
Ugh! I am pretty sure I have the worst luck with care tires, they are like magnets for all screws/nails. But after we got the car back up the mountain we put the wheel in Will's truck and headed out on our day trip filled with grocery fun.

Ok now that I have fully vented, on to the Wedding Inspiration!
This is such a fun way to make your Save the Dates a little more fun an interactive! 
I love the simplicity of this save the date postcard.
I really love this idea, postcards are a super fun idea, and they help save some money on postage, which is always a plus that is for sure! 
And now I thought it would be fun to share our Save the Date with you all! I'm beyond super proud of it, Will did an amazing job! I came up with this ridiculous idea, and must say I am pretty darn lucky that Will really loved it and made it come to life! We really don't take ourselves too seriously so we wanted to make sure our Save the Date was a lot of fun. And to be honest I'm not sure what is more fun than riding a deer and fox, hehe! 
Seriously Will did an amazing job! I love it so much! 
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! 

Adventures in Our Tiny Cabin Home

So we have officially been living in our little cabin for two weeks! Now that might sound a little silly to be cheering about, but there seriously are a couple reasons to celebrate. 

Number one and probably the most important is that our internet works!! During these past two weeks Will and I were slammed with work, with lots of uploading and downloading of videos and other files and our internet has held out! Living in big cities you almost never worry about your internet being fast enough, but it was a huge worry for us moving out to a rural area, especially in WV. When we first started building the house three years ago the only internet available to us was satellite, which wasn't even an option for us because of how slow it is. For the longest time we were so worried about what we were going to do. Then about a year ago a broadband internet tower that sat across the valley from us was finally fixed (after being struck by lightening years prior) and we were able to get "High Speed" internet. I put it in quotes because we found out in the country high speed internet is nothing like city high speed. It's a lot slower, but still faster than DSL. But hey, it's working for us so I guess I can't complain too much. 

Number two is that not having running water hasn't been that bad. There is no well on the mountain so you either have to collect the rain water in a cistern and filter it, or you get it trucked up/go down into town and get it yourself. We are in the process of building our cistern now, but it still won't be done for awhile, so we have a large 250 gallon water tank that we load up in the truck and fill up in town. This means we just have to pay more attention to our water use. I was a little worried at first thinking we would have to drive down the mountain pretty frequently, but so far we haven't gone once! Excitement! It takes about 20 mins just to get down the mountain, so it's not just a quick trip.

Number three and the main reason for this post: I finally have a brightly colored front door! For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a brightly colored front door. I think I once saw it in a movie or something and got it in my head that it was the coolest thing ever that I needed to make happen. So yesterday I didn't have much work, and I went ahead and painted our door.
Our door looking pretty dingy. 
I think the yellow goes wonderfully with the blue we chose for our walls.
Just in case you couldn't tell how excited I was by this already! 

Our finished yellow door. Pay no mind to the eggshells in our makeshift audio booth.
It was raining yesterday so I didn't get a chance to paint the outside, but hopefully this weekend the outside of the door can be just as bright and wonderfully colorful as the inside!

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! Parks and Rec is back tonight! Yay!

x's and o's

Little Mountain Home

Oh our little mountain is full of surprises, like that one time I went to use the bathroom and there was a snake in it, or that other time there was a snake in our kayak, or yesterday when a snake came slithering up to the house, hehe! Now that sentence is a little misleading because it sounds like we are seeing snakes all the time, but these three instances took place over the course of three years. We are pretty lucky that the snakes are always very friendly, well I guess as friendly as a snake can get, and they just goes on their merry little way once we spot them (which leads me to believe it is the same guy each time). This time we were pretty lucky because I caught him on camera. 
Mountain from Amanda on Vimeo.
He was a very long fella.
After we made sure our snake friend made his way back into the woods, we went back over to our greenhouse to do a little more work on it. Will, using all his handy skills, built us a shelf and this totally amazing pallet planter! We just filled it up with dirt and had perfectly spaced rows for our spinach and lettuce seeds, it is kind the best thing ever! Fingers crossed we will actually get them to grow.
I mean seriously look at it! It's wonderful!
We are kind of in desperate need of more pots, hopefully we can get some more this weekend, when we take our big monthly trip for groceries/anything else we may need. As of right now we have spinach, lettuce, tomatos, squash, zucchini, and some pear and peach tress (outside) planted, but I am hoping to get some strawberries planted too! Will and I are pretty darn excited to try our hands at this whole greenhouse thing, we just really hope we can get at least something to grow. I don't know if I will be able to handle growing rejection, hehe.

Any tips?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday!

x's and o's

Wedding Insperation

One of my absolute favorite things to look at and think about for our wedding is decor. There are so many amazing ideas out there on the internet, it can not surprisingly get a little overwhelming. I know there were a couple of times I gorged myself on wedding decor so much so that I couldn't even think about anything having to do with weddings for a least a week, haha it was kind of sad. I really love trying to figure out if I would be able to recreate something that I find, it's a super fun game. 

Another reason I love wedding decor are the details! I mean as they say the devil's in the details. Does anyone actually know what that means? Does anyone else sometimes use a saying that they kind of don't understand, or is it just me? Hehe.  Ok enough blabbing and onto the extremely beautiful pictures. 
I am in love with the way they set up this pie table, it's just so wonderfully inviting.  Not to mention those pies look wonderfully tasty too!
Look at those straws! And using picture frames as little black boards is an ingenious idea! In high school one weekend while my parents were away I actually ended up painting the outside of the bedroom door with black chalkboard paint. My friends and I absolutely loved it because we could draw and write funny things all over it, my parents on the other hand did not much care for it, hehe! But I think it grew on them because my door hasn't been changed since I moved out :)
This is such a fun idea, and allows your guest to leave some fun stories about their own lives with you. And postcards are just way more fun than plain paper!
What a wonderful little crafty and adorable touch to add to your tables. I think it would be really fun to do one weekend with your bride ladies.
I know we will definitely doing this for our wedding seeing how the wedding is at our place which is up a dirt road on top of a mountain, it could come in handy helping people find their way. All of our signs will just point up, hehe!

I think I could probably put up way more than five photos, but I figure five is a pretty nice amount, don't want to make anyone else gorge themselves on decor, hehe.

What are your favorite sites to check out for wedding/just everyday fun inspiration?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!

x's and o's

If You Build It They Will Grow

One of the first things Will and I did when we officially moved up to the mountain was put together our little greenhouse! Will is quite the expert builder and built the frame during a prior visit. I am pretty sure if I had to build the frame the slightest gust of wind would have toppled it over. This little lady is not known for her building skills (I barely made it through a sculpture class in college, haha).
Will's sister came up a couple days early and we got her to help out with the plastic, which was a huge help! Not sure if you can really tell in the pictures but the wind was blowing about 20mph as we were trying to put it up, haha it was quite a funny show. But even with the wind huffing and puffing we were able to get the plastic all stapled. One day hopefully we can get some nice greenhouse glass in place of the plastic, but for now I think it is going to work out wonderfully.

Will's mom got us some vegetable seeds so I think those guys will be our little test subjects to see how well our greenhouse works, and seeing how green our thumbs are. Growing up in Phoenix AZ I could never get anything to actually grow when I tried. You miss one watering and that is it! Hopefully our little mountain will be far more forgiving, fingers crossed!

Anyone know of any super easy veggies I can start off with? Any/all gardening advice is very welcome!

Happy Thursday!

x's and o's

P.S And and just in case you didn't get my title its a little play on the catch line from Field of Dreams. I'm pretty lame I know, haha! 

Good Times!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Will's family came up to the mountain to help out with the house building this weekend and have some good old family Easter fun. Will's mom is pretty great when it comes to holidays, she always makes sure we get to do the fun things we did as kids. This time she staged a massive egg hunt on the mountain early in the morning which was pretty darn amazing, even if Will cheated and picked me so he could snatch the eggs I was going to grab, hehe.

And because we have everyone here I wanted to do something super fun and maybe start a new tradition. Have you ever heard of Cascarones? I have heard about them for years but never really tried them out myself. So I thought what better time to give it a try. Unfortunately the weather did not work with us and Will's family had to leave before it turned around, but that didn't stop Will and I from having fun! I wish I had some pictures of how you get the yolk out of the egg because it is pretty hilarious. But I only had a short amount of time to get them done, it didn't even dawn on me to take pictures. I did however get some fun dying action! 
You make a little hole on told of the egg with a safety pin or needle.
Then make a larger hole on the bottom, to allow you to blow out the yolk. It sounds just as silly as it is actually do it, hehe.
So the original plan was for Will and I to hide all the eggs and then let everyone go loose collecting eggs and smashing them on each others heads. Sadly because it was just Will and I hiding and cracking the eggs on each other so we didn't get any pictures (boo) but I did find this incredible DIY that is full of wonderful Cascarones photo fun. I will make sure eventually happens because umm talk about fun!

I hope everyone had a great Easter too! Now it's time to go back to work, which hopefully will finally be slowing down in the next week or so, and we can finally really organize our little cabin, and I can take/share some pictures.

x's and o's 

And We Made It!

Well after what seemed like driving forever (thanks to our incredibly late start and everyone wanting to get home from work) we made it back up to our little mountain home late last night. I always hate arriving at the mountain late at night because the roads are so windy I get carsick, I seriously have never been carsick in my whole life until those darn roads at night. We got almost everything all setup before we just had to call it a night and crash, but we managed to get up early and mostly finish up. I will hopefully get some pictures of our little setup in the next couple of days.

Until then here is a little video I made of our trip. Hope you enjoy.
West Virginia from Amanda on Vimeo.

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

x's and o's

Be Back Soon

Things have been so incredibly busy ever since Will and I got back from the job in New Jersey, I've hardly had a chance to do anything other than work with the occasional sleep thrown in. It was like all of a sudden everyone and their mother was wanting work-- I mean come on couldn't they have just staggered it a little bit?! But I guess I really can't complain too, much because having work is always a good thing.

Today we are packing up our little room in Delaware and loading it the truck and car and getting everything all ready for the drive back to our little cabin in West Virginia! I am beyond ridiculously excited to be back out there, especially on a more permanent basis, fingers crossed. There have definitely been long discussions of getting a chicken and a duck pretty much as soon as posible! Having never owned a chicken or duck, I am pretty excited and nervous about this endeavor, but thankfully Will has plenty of poultry raising experience. And of course finally having our own place I can get myself a cat! You can seriously ask anyone I know and they will tell you (especially Will) how much I have wanted a cat. It has never worked out for me before having both my mom and brother being horrible allergic (which still never stopped me from begging Santa every year for a "Big, fat, kitty") to living in apartments where I couldn't have one, to living with someone who already has two (which did make my kitty lust subside if only for the time I live there). But now the it seems actually possible since the house is getting so close to being finished! Eeeee I am probably way more excited about the idea of getting a cat than I really should be, haha! 

Anyways I really need to stop dilly-dallying and get back to packing, but I just wanted to give you all a quick update. Oh and also to share another thing that I am pretty darn excited about... Instagram finally came to Android! Will has been making lots of fun of me for being this excited about Instagram, but whatevs I am excited to finally have it for my phone, because as much as I love Apple products (I use nothing but Macs for work) but I love me some Google Android phones, hehe. So anyways if you want to follow along on some photo adventures I would love to have you.
This guys keep me company while I work at my computer.
Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! 

x's and o's