Why Hello There Again

I feel like I am always saying 'hello again' after a bit of disappearance from my blog, but sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging. Hopefully you forgive me. Anyway, can you believe we are already in the third week in March?! Time is flying, I just hope it doesn't end up putting me behind on things.

Now as for the reason for my slight Houdini act, a reason that I feel is completely justifiable, we are once again up on the mountain working on the house. As many of you know Will and I have been building a house on a mountain in an abandoned apple orchard in WV for almost three years now, and when I say building I mean my formerly little dainty hands are now roughed up like the best of them. Because we are building it ourselves (with the help of Will's parents who build houses for a living) it has taken a very, very, VERY long time to get where we are, which is pretty darn far if you ask me! But we still have a long way to go, so because it has taken us this long to get here we have decided that we will move up here now, finished house be damned! Wow that sounded a lot more dramatic than I meant it. 

So for the past week we have been converting our little (and when I say little I mean little like 150 Sq.Ft) temporary cabin into a much nicer little cottage, at least on the inside. And even though the cabin is super tiny and usually felt very camp-like because it was so unfinished, it now feels like a little home. It's really funny how just drywall, a coat of paint, and the warm weather can make not having normal house amenities, like running water, not feel like such a big deal. Granted I'm sure I will have some days complaining about not having enough water and having to drive down the mountain to fill up the water tank, but who doesn't have those kinds of days, hehe!  
To really help you understand the littleness I am talking about :)
The cabin was insulated but we never put up the dry wall, thinking we wouldn't really be using it for too long. Boy were we wrong, hehe.
After we put up all the drywall we had to sand and we pretty much looked like we went rolling around in a pile of ash. Will's pants were actually black before we started! 
We almost got the whole place painted with only one gallon of pant, but we ran out a couple of minutes after this picture was taken. 
We still have a little bit more work to do before it will be completely ready for us to move in, but we should have it done before we head back to DE to pick up the rest of our computer stuff and come back. I will be sure to take a whole bunch more pictures once it is all set up, because I am pretty darn happy with how it is turning out. I also cannot wait to be up here full time especially with the weather being as absolutely wonderful as it has been.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

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  1. Wow, what a big project! That's so amazing you guys are building your own home, and it looks so adorable!

    Have you read tinyhouseblog.com before? It has a lot of cute homes and ideas!

    1. Thanks! It's been a lot of hard work, but really fun. I haven't seen that blog before, thank you for pointing it out to me, I think we can get a ton of great ideas from there!

  2. wow, this is incredible! What you're doing is what my husband and I talk about doing when we eventually return to Maine (so, not for a long time).

    Thank you for your sweet comment, and for reading. I'm looking forward to future home posts!

  3. that is unbelievable you are doing guys!
    well done!my husband and I are doing many things like this together... but we haven't done so far a house...! Im talking about little things
    can't wait your improvement!
    xxx Ros.e.


  4. What part of WV? My brothers are in the Greenbrier River Valley. It is such a beautiful country. James and I visit sometimes. It's 6 hours from where we are in SC, so not a trip we make often, but always worth it. The stars at night, the mountain air, the limestone fields...

  5. So I've been back stalking your blog and I cannot believe you are building a cabin on a mountain to live in - this is amazing. I love it. I grew up in a cottage my dad built on a mountain (not as extreme as you, it's a little mountain community and had like, a grocery store and pub and everything) and it was awesome. I am very jealous and excited to see how this all goes.

  6. I adore your blog! Your house is so adorable and amazing, what a wonderful idea! I'm am way too excited to see how this turns out, what an incredible project, how many of us can say that we built our own house?

  7. Light blue is such a wonderful color in homey spaces :) This looks great!

  8. NO WAY. I am so envious of this. My husband and talk about living in a tiny cabin all the time. So in love.


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