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First off thank you for all your wonderful feed back about last weeks post on hair styles! I always love hearing what other people think it always help give me new perspectives. So thank you again.

And now on to todays wedding inspiration, the boutiques! There seem to be thousands of different styles from over the top elaborate all the way to just super simple and they all are just so wonderful. Here are a couple of my favorites from across the world wide web.

As beautiful as some of those super colorful bouquets are I find myself being more drawn to very light colors and the simple kind of bouquets. I think I will make mine from wild flowers, I have to admit I 'm pretty lucking that there is a fairly large variety of light colored wild flowers that grow naturally on the mountain. 
This is one of my favorites of the mountain wild flowers
Just to be safe Will and I will spread some more seeds to make sure we have enough for all  all the tables as well as my wonderful bride's ladies. I will probably have the ladies come up early on the day of the wedding to help pick the flowers so we can have some fun girl time. I just hope that with all this crazy early warm weather we are having it doesn't mess up the flower blooming timing, fingers crossed.

And speaking of this warm weather how amazingly wonderful is it?! I love getting to break out some of my favorite spring outfits early! I just really hope it doesn't mean we are going to have a hot summer!

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

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  1. I really love the idea of a simple bouquet of wild flowers as well - there's something so natural and ethereal about it.

    Courtney ~

  2. Oh I sooo agree with you-- simple is better. Wild flowers make for beautiful bouquets, and there is something real and genuine about them that lends a great deal to a wedding's feel.

  3. I love a simple bouquet, simple leaves room for other things to really shine on your special day! :)

  4. We were going to do wildflowers for the tables too actually! Unfortunately that was the craziest summer in the history of Maine ever and all the flowers bloomed and died quickly because of the hot weather. Ours was in July though, and we managed to find some daisies at the local grocery store anyway :) I love all of these!

  5. I love all these boutiques, especially the really colorful ones :-)

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  6. such a sweet post!

    Love from South Africa


  7. The bouquets are TOO BEAUTIFUL!
    Nice blog, following you now :)


  8. Thanks for the comment and visiting my blog :)

    I adore the third bouquet down that says "crafty"! Soooo, so lovely! It sounds as though you are going to have such a beautiful wedding! I wish that there would have been as much inspiration and unique ideas on the internet when I got married almost 5 years ago! haha


  9. aw loved this...i love elsie's wedding party, aren't they just gorgeous!

  10. Although I love the brigthly colored bouqets above, I also love the more toned down ones you have chosen. And I think it is wonderful you will spend the morning of the wedding day putting the flowers togeher with your bridesmaids

  11. Weddings... sigh. Lovely images & beautiful bouquets. We were married in May & my favourite flower is the lilac... wanted to hold them for my walk down the isle, but it was a really warm Spring and they had come and gone. Still married to the sweetest fella and you know he searches the sideroads and brings me lilac bunches every Springtime since. Look at that... this post has made me all sentimental. lol.

  12. Okay these are great. I love bright colors and some of these are just perfect!

  13. Nice inspiration!


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