Wedding Insperation

I feel like using mason jars at weddings are one of those ideas that have really taken off in recent years that you either love or hate. I definitely fall into the category of loving them! I mean honestly what is not to love about them? And we are going to be using them at our wedding!

I've actually been toying with the idea of putting some chalkboard paint on each mason jar allowing everyone to keep track of their glass. Once we are back from the mountain I will have to give it a little try and see if it actually will work, and if all goes well I think it will look pretty darn nice. And if all goes well maybe I will have a little post about it. 

But what to do with all of those jars once the wedding is over? After some thought I have come up with  five ideas, all of which I will surely end up doing! :)

1) You can bake in them! Can't find you cupcake pan? No worries use a couple of mason jars, not only do they look pretty adorable they are much easier to transport, just screw on the lid and go, just wait to frost them until you are at your destination! And if people want to save them just give them the lid and they can take them with them, it's great way to get rid of any surplus of mason jars you might have :)
2) Enjoy a nice refreshing cold drink on a hot day. Just find yourself a nice shady area and make your self a little paper fan and relax. Drinking something cold from mason jars always reminds me of being at a backyard picnic when I was a kid, especially when I drink out of them with a colorful straw. 
3) Help dress up an outdoor dinner party, or just dress up your outdoor area. It only takes a little bit of time to create and hang the mason jar lanterns and your guest will surely be in awe. 
4) Use mason jars to hold different household items, from pens to q-tips. I love this idea so much that once we get the house done and the wedding is all over (or maybe even before the wedding), I am sure we will have quite a few mason jars attached to the walls. :) 
5) And of course the most obvious use for your leftover mason jars, canning! Will's mother Elaine used to can all the time when Will was little, so I am hoping she can show me the ropes so I can start my own little canning collect :) Oh and I really want to learn how to make jam! We have blackberry bushes up on the mountain and blackberry jam is pretty much the greatest thing on earth! 


x's and o's

Side note I'm not sure why but doing this post really helped me get out of my seemingly never ending mood, so I guess this means I really do love mason jars, hehe! 


  1. I love mason jars! Have you tried they have a lot of kitschy feel weddings that they photograph, you may find some inspiration!

    1. I haven't check out that site before, thanks so much for the heads up!


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