So Much Driving

If you follow me on twitter then you know I spent the last couple of days up in New Jersey for work, hence the cricket chirps on my blog recently. As some of you know I am a video editor as well as the other half of a production duo with Will. This means that every so once in a while Will and I get to travel (usually up to NJ) to do some shoots, which can be both stressful and fun. Fun because we get to go to some place we've never been, and probably never would have gone normally and stressful because it usually requires a half day of driving to get there. Thankfully there wasn't much traffic this time and I brought a couple EW magazines with us to read out loud while Will drove, which is pretty fun!

This shoot was a pretty great one. We were shooting for a dishware company so we ended up getting to use food in shots--lots and lots of yummy foods! It really took everything I had not to eat all the "props" hehe! Thankfully the clients were pretty darn wonderful and made sure our lunches were just as wonderfully yummy as the food we were shooting. 
One of my amazing food setups if I do say so myself, and I do :)
Will waiting for the next set up.
It was a very long day and this is me getting my second wind, hehe.
The clients seemed to really like us so hopefully that means we will get to work with them again, because we had a really great time. Oh and they ended up giving us a ton of product to take home with us, which I was pretty darn ecstatic about! Now we just really need to get our house done so I can start using them! 

Hope everyone has been having a wonderful week so far! 

x's and o's

Wedding Inspiration

First off thank you for all your wonderful feed back about last weeks post on hair styles! I always love hearing what other people think it always help give me new perspectives. So thank you again.

And now on to todays wedding inspiration, the boutiques! There seem to be thousands of different styles from over the top elaborate all the way to just super simple and they all are just so wonderful. Here are a couple of my favorites from across the world wide web.

As beautiful as some of those super colorful bouquets are I find myself being more drawn to very light colors and the simple kind of bouquets. I think I will make mine from wild flowers, I have to admit I 'm pretty lucking that there is a fairly large variety of light colored wild flowers that grow naturally on the mountain. 
This is one of my favorites of the mountain wild flowers
Just to be safe Will and I will spread some more seeds to make sure we have enough for all  all the tables as well as my wonderful bride's ladies. I will probably have the ladies come up early on the day of the wedding to help pick the flowers so we can have some fun girl time. I just hope that with all this crazy early warm weather we are having it doesn't mess up the flower blooming timing, fingers crossed.

And speaking of this warm weather how amazingly wonderful is it?! I love getting to break out some of my favorite spring outfits early! I just really hope it doesn't mean we are going to have a hot summer!

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

x's and o's


Today when Will and I headed into the main house to make ourselves some lunch we found a bird had flown through one of the unfinished walls and gotten himself stuck. He flew all the way up to the cupola before we could catch him and let him go outside. Of course we got some pictures and video of our new little friend before we let him go.

Birdy from Amanda on Vimeo.
I think one of my favorite parts of the little video is you can kind of hear sirens going off down below in the town, which almost makes the video a little spooky sounding. Will tells me that they are for the voluntary fire department, but every time I hear them I am just reminded of some scary movie hehe. 

x's and o's

Yesterday Ugh

Yesterday was one of those frustrating days where you end up spending all day on something but in the end nothing actually gets done. Does that happen to you guys? So I spent the majority of the day trying to get the IntenseDebate comment plugin on my blog to work correctly with no luck. I think I finally gave up around 9 last night and had to succumb to the realization that all the comments on my blog for past three months are gone, which really bummed me out. The only reason why I switched to the plugin was so I could directly reply to peoples comments, a feature that Blogger finally now has! At any rate I'm now back to using Blogger's comments.

Anyways here is another illustration. I am planning on getting these printed out and hang them in our little cabin, I think they will look really nice with the blue walls.
Zooey Deschanel 
Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

x's and o's

Wedding Inspiration (A Day Late)

The age old question of 'How are you going to wear your hair?' is something difficult for me answer than what type of dress I'm going to wear. While I know what I want in a wedding dress, I really have no clue what do with my hair. I am currently growing it out because I know I want it to be long for the wedding, but that's as far as I have gotten. Thank goodness for Pintrest because I am able to go through hundreds of different styles with a couple clicks, it makes it so easy. Technology is pretty darn wonderful, I don't think I would even know where to start without it, hehe! 

Here are a few of my favorites so far! 
I love the messy chicness of this style.
I love, love, love this style! The front braids works perfectly as a replacement for bangs! Now I just have to figure out how they did this :)
I love the flower wreath with slightly curly hair.
This is such a fun idea to incorporate color into your hair, and is super cute! 
Another wonderful braid updo, I have a feeling braids might be in my wedding future, hehe! 
I am pretty sure I could go on and on about the different styles I like, but I figure five is a good start, and I would love to hear your opinions on these. I have a feeling I will be trying all these different styles during the weeks leading up to the wedding to see which one I like the best, and to see if I can actually pull of creating these styles myself hehe.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend! 

x's and o's

Why Hello There Again

I feel like I am always saying 'hello again' after a bit of disappearance from my blog, but sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging. Hopefully you forgive me. Anyway, can you believe we are already in the third week in March?! Time is flying, I just hope it doesn't end up putting me behind on things.

Now as for the reason for my slight Houdini act, a reason that I feel is completely justifiable, we are once again up on the mountain working on the house. As many of you know Will and I have been building a house on a mountain in an abandoned apple orchard in WV for almost three years now, and when I say building I mean my formerly little dainty hands are now roughed up like the best of them. Because we are building it ourselves (with the help of Will's parents who build houses for a living) it has taken a very, very, VERY long time to get where we are, which is pretty darn far if you ask me! But we still have a long way to go, so because it has taken us this long to get here we have decided that we will move up here now, finished house be damned! Wow that sounded a lot more dramatic than I meant it. 

So for the past week we have been converting our little (and when I say little I mean little like 150 Sq.Ft) temporary cabin into a much nicer little cottage, at least on the inside. And even though the cabin is super tiny and usually felt very camp-like because it was so unfinished, it now feels like a little home. It's really funny how just drywall, a coat of paint, and the warm weather can make not having normal house amenities, like running water, not feel like such a big deal. Granted I'm sure I will have some days complaining about not having enough water and having to drive down the mountain to fill up the water tank, but who doesn't have those kinds of days, hehe!  
To really help you understand the littleness I am talking about :)
The cabin was insulated but we never put up the dry wall, thinking we wouldn't really be using it for too long. Boy were we wrong, hehe.
After we put up all the drywall we had to sand and we pretty much looked like we went rolling around in a pile of ash. Will's pants were actually black before we started! 
We almost got the whole place painted with only one gallon of pant, but we ran out a couple of minutes after this picture was taken. 
We still have a little bit more work to do before it will be completely ready for us to move in, but we should have it done before we head back to DE to pick up the rest of our computer stuff and come back. I will be sure to take a whole bunch more pictures once it is all set up, because I am pretty darn happy with how it is turning out. I also cannot wait to be up here full time especially with the weather being as absolutely wonderful as it has been.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

x's and o's

Another Year Older

Yesterday I officially turn 28, unlike all those other times where I unofficially was 28 haha! And Will had a wonderfully adventure filled day planned for us!

At 7:30 (no sleeping in for this birthday girl) I was woken up to the wonderful smell of yummy french toast in bed, and this wonderfully lovely/silly song Will made for me!
I am pretty sure I let out several audible squeals of delight while listening!!

After some relaxing breakfast in bed we got ready and went to the grocery store to get all the things that sounded yummy for a nice picnic. Then we started on our drive to the mystery location.  The longer we drove the more confused I got about where Will was taking me, and then just right before we got there Will slipped up! He told me we have left DE and were in MD and that he had never been to this place either, and I figured it out! We were going to Assateague Island (also know as Pony Island!) I was beyond excited! I knew nothing about this island until a year ago when my friend Hannah told me all about it after her trip, and I knew I had to go! 

It was off season so a lot of the areas were closed down, but we got super lucky and saw a little group of horses right next to the road. It was pretty darn nifty! I would have loved to pet one, but there are plenty of signs warning you not to do that because they are wild horses so biting and kicking can happen. Instead we pulled over the car and took a couple of pictures and watched them for a little while. 
The horses are surprisingly very short, I thought they would be much bigger.  They are also very furry and a little on the chubby side too, hehe! 
We had planned on eating our lunch on the beach but once we made our way to the sand we realized that it was far too chilly to actually be comfortable while eating, hehe. We instead ate in the car and enjoyed some NPR.

Then after Pony Island we headed back to the house to relax and play some Kirby Epic Yarn on the Wii. It is seriously one of the funnest/cutest games I think I have ever played! I highly recommend it.  

And for dinner Will took me to our favorite Mexican restaurant where we partook in some yummy, yummy food and margaritas! Then we headed to the movie theater to see The Artist, which is really fantastic. I have to admit I have a little bit of a crush on Jean Dujardin now, any man that can dance like that makes my knees go weak. 

I had such a wonderful Birthday Day, and I cannot wait for all the new things to come my way this year, because I have a feeling it's going to be a pretty great year! 

x's and o's

Wedding Insperation

I feel like using mason jars at weddings are one of those ideas that have really taken off in recent years that you either love or hate. I definitely fall into the category of loving them! I mean honestly what is not to love about them? And we are going to be using them at our wedding!

I've actually been toying with the idea of putting some chalkboard paint on each mason jar allowing everyone to keep track of their glass. Once we are back from the mountain I will have to give it a little try and see if it actually will work, and if all goes well I think it will look pretty darn nice. And if all goes well maybe I will have a little post about it. 

But what to do with all of those jars once the wedding is over? After some thought I have come up with  five ideas, all of which I will surely end up doing! :)

1) You can bake in them! Can't find you cupcake pan? No worries use a couple of mason jars, not only do they look pretty adorable they are much easier to transport, just screw on the lid and go, just wait to frost them until you are at your destination! And if people want to save them just give them the lid and they can take them with them, it's great way to get rid of any surplus of mason jars you might have :)
2) Enjoy a nice refreshing cold drink on a hot day. Just find yourself a nice shady area and make your self a little paper fan and relax. Drinking something cold from mason jars always reminds me of being at a backyard picnic when I was a kid, especially when I drink out of them with a colorful straw. 
3) Help dress up an outdoor dinner party, or just dress up your outdoor area. It only takes a little bit of time to create and hang the mason jar lanterns and your guest will surely be in awe. 
4) Use mason jars to hold different household items, from pens to q-tips. I love this idea so much that once we get the house done and the wedding is all over (or maybe even before the wedding), I am sure we will have quite a few mason jars attached to the walls. :) 
5) And of course the most obvious use for your leftover mason jars, canning! Will's mother Elaine used to can all the time when Will was little, so I am hoping she can show me the ropes so I can start my own little canning collect :) Oh and I really want to learn how to make jam! We have blackberry bushes up on the mountain and blackberry jam is pretty much the greatest thing on earth! 


x's and o's

Side note I'm not sure why but doing this post really helped me get out of my seemingly never ending mood, so I guess this means I really do love mason jars, hehe! 

Oh Hello Again

So I have been a little M.I.A as of late due to a combination of being in a mood last week and working on the house in WV this week, while still being in the previously mentioned mood (it sure has been a persistant mood). Anyways I am still alive and will hopefully have a real post sometime soonish.

Until then I shall leave you with another illustration, doing these always makes me feel a little better.
Mindy Kaling

I've been really wanting to read her book, "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" I hear it is pretty darn funny. Anyone read it yet?