Wonderful Surprises!

The other day Will surprised me with an early anniversary gift, my very own Wacom tablet! I was over the moon with excitement because I have been wanting one ever since I first started to steal/borrowed his, hehe. 

And now I am able to join in on the painting fun with Will and start painting for my own pictures. It's a pretty silly sight, every night Will and I sit next to each other in bed with laptops on our laps and Wacom tablets on our right painting away. I have to say it's kind of crazy addicting, in the past two nights since I got the tablet I've probably almost 20 hours painting, totally ignoring other work, but don't fret I shall be finishing up previously mentioned other work today. 

Anyways without further ado here is my first painting. 
It's Amy Poehler just incase you can't tell.
Now I know it is far from prefect, but I have to say I am pretty happy with it! I've already started on my next one, which I am finding slightly harder than this one because it has a lot more shadows, but hopefully I can make it work.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday! 

x's and o's

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  1. love this! i was just laughing my head off watching season 5 on netflix earlier tonight. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog BTW. I feel the same about the wedding invitations, I feel like i have spent so much time on each invite and there are some people who aren't even going to care. Oh well i guess that's what happens when you do it yourself. Its always love/hate.


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