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Holy cow Batman, even though we only sent out our wedding invitations just last week we are already getting the R.S.V.Ps back! I have to say it's pretty darn exciting, I have always absolutely loved getting things in the mail so much so I even enjoy getting junk mail, hehe. I will admit though I did have a moment of panic when every card we were getting all said 'Yes We Are Coming!', even though we really didn't invite many people and they are all people we would love to have at the wedding, I got it in my head way early on that less than half of the people we invite would actually come. The wedding is kind of out in the middle of no where West Virginia, I mean the closest airport is over two hours away! But hey the more the merrier! 

When I first started to think about our wedding I had what I thought was a super silly and not very plausible idea, I wanted to find all different sets of chairs for the reception. And after a while I moved it from this 'I will make this happen' ideas, to the 'Oh I can dream' ideas.  Then the other day while looking at one of my favorite inspiration websites I came across this photo which is pretty much the spitting image of what I have in my mind!
(source )
Eeee! This gives me so much hope that I can actually make this happen! It is just so wonderfully beautiful and with our wedding taking place up on a mountain in an apple orchard I think the mismatched chairs will fit in perfectly. I have officially put two of my east coast brides ladies on the mission of helping me scouring Craigslist and Freecycle, thank goodness they are the absolute best and are totally game for the challenge! So if you wouldn't mind keep your fingers crossed for me and my quest for chairs!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

x's and o's

P.S. I am thinking about making this kind of blog post a weekly thing on Saturdays. What do you guys think?


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