Let's Get Physical

I'm not a hundred percent sure why every time I work out I think of this video, to be honest I think I have only actually seen it in its entirety once, but I guess that was enough to remember it hehe! With Will and I working from home on our computers all day we make a very conscience effort to work out at least 6 days a week, not to say there are weeks where we aren't even close to this goal, but we try. Will is a lot better at being motivated about working out than I, and it's not that I don't enjoy it after we are done working out I always feel so energized and wonderful, it's just the getting started I am horrible at. Everyday Will right before lunch says, "Ready to work out?" and he always get the most unenthusiastic "I guess" or sometimes I like to change it up and just shout "Noooooooooo!" hahaha. I have really tried started to make a better effort to be more motivated about working out at least in my head, and hopefully soon it will be me asking Will if he is ready for the work out. 

Anyone else feel this way? And if so how do you get yourself motivated?

x's and o's


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