Fun Work Travels

As I mentioned in a previous post Will and I have been doing a fair amount of traveling up to New Jersey for work. Some how we got two jobs up there within two weeks, it was pretty weird, because honestly I never thought I would actually spend any amount of time in Jersey let alone twice in the same month, hehe. 

I think my favorite part of the whole trip was getting to take the ferry over, the type of ferry you drive your car on! We have never been on the ferry before so it was especially exciting. We tried our best to get some fun pictures, but we were only able to last about 10 seconds outside before we nearly froze to death, it was unbelievably cold! 
Our best captain impressions :)
I think I was pretty ready to go inside at this point, hehe! 

It was a pretty wonderful ride, not having to drive for over an hour made it even better and then even had WiFi on the boat so we were able to keep ourselves entertained. Hopefully we will get to take it again for work, maybe in the summer, when we can get more photos outside without freezing out butts off.

Happy Monday!

x's and o's

P.S. Did anyone else watch the Kitty Halftime during Animal Planets Puppy Bowl last night? I made Will watch it with me and I don't think he was all too thrilled about it, but it's not like we were watching the actual Super Bowl of anything, hehe!


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