Cut, Cut, Cut!

Between our recent travels up to New Jersey for work (more on that later) I have been hard at work cutting and putting together our wedding invitations that Will did some absolutely amazing illustrations for. I don't think we realized how much work there was actually going to be when we decided to do all 74 invitations ourselves. But even with all the work I know we wouldn't have it any other way. 

I created a nice little temporary cutting station where my sewing machine usually sits and just went to town. Unfortunately I ran out of double sided tape only 15 invitations in and couldn't get to the store till today, so I just went a head and cut the majority of the colored card-stock for the invitation backs. I honestly thought a full role of double sided tape would  have lasted me a lot more than 15 invitations, but I guess actually it would be more like 75 seeing how there are 5 parts to each invitations, so I think it held its own pretty well, hehe!   
I was watching 'United States of Tara' while working, and was really surprised at how much I enjoyed the show. I'm not the biggest Diablo Cody fan and was afraid the show would be very Juno-esqu, but for the most part it wasn't. So if you are looking for a new show to check out I recommend it.  Znd all three seasons are on Netflix instant view, which is an added bonus! 
This is just a little glimpse of the invitations, once I am them all put together I will put up some more detailed shots of them.
I know that may look like quite a few invitations there but that is seriously less than ten haha! 
Hopefully I get them all finished up by this weekend so I can get them out next week. Fingers crossed!

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