Sunday Snapshot #15

December 2005
This comes from New Years Eve. I think I like this photo so much because of how happy my brother looks verse my dad's serious face, hehe. I think he was trying to be funny by doing this but if you weren't there then it doesn't really come across that way. He has a very bizarre sense humor and I know for a fact he is where I get my sense of humor. We are both very notorious for telling a joke and laughing at it even if no one else is actually laughing, we tend to think we are pretty darn hilarious, hehe! 
I have spent the last two days cutting and putting together our wedding invitations, and while I have finished all the major cutting there is still quite a bit more to go. Hopefully I will have be able to share some photos of the production in the next couple of days.

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

x's and o's


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