Sunday Snapshot #14

June 2011
It's hard to believe that this is what the house looked like just last summer! And at this point we had already put in quite a bit of work, which is kind of hard to believe just by looking at the picture, but trust me as some who put many long and hard hot and and freezing days into getting this far. I really hope we are able to get it done enough so Will and I can move in this summer/fall or at least a month or two before the wedding, so we can at least have sometime to make it feel kind of nice before all of our family comes out to see what we have been working so hard on.

Bleh I woke up in a bit of a grumpy mood this morning and have a lot on my mind, but I still really wanted to do this Sunday Snapshot because it just helps remind me of how far we actually have come on the house. 


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