Phoenix Fun

While we were in Phoenix both Will and I ended up getting a lot of work, which is always a double edged sword, because it sucks having to work while on vacation, but it's good having our freelance come in steady enough that allow up to go visit my family almost a month.

But even though had quite a bit of work while we were out there we still made sure there was time for fun things, like the Zoo! I don't think I had been to the Phoenix Zoo in almost 10 years, and Will has never been, so it was a lot of fun to discover all the new things together. One of my favorite things about the Phoenix Zoo is how close you can get to a lot of the animals, I mean take a look at that ostrich down below you could almost touch him! 
My world renowned owl hoot :) 
I think this was one of Will's favorite things to do, hehe! 

I kept telling Will that there probably wasn't going to be very many people there and we would have the run of the place to ourselves, but boy was I wrong, hehe!  When we got there the Zoo was inundated with families, which was pretty understandable seeing how it was 78 degrees and sunny.  So it was a lot of fun seeing all the kids get super excited to see certain animals, because honestly I think I was just about as excited as them to see my favorite animals (lots of jumping up and down shouting 'Eeeee! There they are!')

Now I must be off because we are headed back to WV to work on the house some more. Fingers crossed its not too terribly cold and we are able to get a lot of work done! Hopefully I will have lots more pictures of our progress as well as some more fun photos from out Phoenix trip! 

x's and o's

PS Thank you for all the warm wishes on our engagement! I cannot wait to share more fun details with you all! 


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