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I always thought Leslie Knope and I had somethings in common and when I saw the episode, which the above picture is from, I knew we did.  Even though Leslie is a fictional character it is kind of nice to know that I am not the only one who can get annoyed with hypothetical scenarios I allow my mind to come up with.  I mean one of the writers has to kind of do something like that too, or at least know someone who does. They wouldn't just come up with something so silly out of the blue, right? 

Will recently pointed out how when I get a little stressed out or worried about something I tend to start  telling Will every scenario my mind can come up with.  I honestly didn't even realize how often I do this silly little thing. I think most of the time I just do it in my head and it just seems normal, because I mean you never know how something is going to play out so why not be prepared for every outcome before it happens, hehe.  Unfortunate I never seem to come up with the scenario that actually ends up happening.  Things work out when I imagine them going horribly, but when I plan on them going well  all hell seems to break loose.  One would think that since I've been doing this for so long I'd at least be pretty good at it by now.

I'm not sure why I constantly do this. I don't think it really helps all that much, and just like Leslie, tend get annoyed with people for hypothetically doing something. Sometimes it takes me up to a day before I realize just how ridiculous I'm being. Thank goodness I don't ever act on any of these little scenarios, and now that Will has pointed it out maybe I'll be able stop myself before I get to far down crazy town road.

Today is my last day in Phoenix so Will and I are off to do as much as we can!

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