We woke up this morning on the mountain to a frozen wonderland! Even though we knew it was suppose to snow over night I was still surprised to see it this morning, hehe!

I swear even though I have now been living on the east coast for almost three years now the cold and the snow still amaze me. Will is constantly making fun of me because I never seem to have enough warm clothes, which isn't entirely true.  Though I never have enough warm clothes to wear when we are working on the mountain, I do have a fair amount of adorably warm clothes to wear any other time, hehe.  So as I write this I am bundled up in a pair of Will's longjongs, my work jeans, some thick socks I got as a Christmas gift, snow boots Will's parents gave last year for Christmas,  a short sleeve work shirt, Will's old flannel shirt that shrunk in the dryer, a Goofy sweater I got in high school, and a Roxy puff jacket from about 5 or 6 years ago.
edit: I decided against my best judgement to share what I actually currently look like in all of these layers, haha! But I mean why blog about how silly you look if you aren't actually going to show a picture, right?
Oh and I have a pair of gloves given to me by Will's Aunt last Christmas, but I currently have then off so I can type this without having four or five extra letters in each word. It will be nice when the house is all done being built and I will not have to scrape and steal warms clothes to work in, but rather just get to wear a pretty coat. Oh one day, maybe. 

So anyways like I was saying we work up to a frozen wonderland, and I'm not just talking about snow on the ground, I'm talking about the ground and all the plants covered in a layer of ice! I've only seen this happen once before and it just to happend to be up here on the mountain two years ago, so I guess this might be a common occurrence during the winter. There is something really kind of almost magical seeing all the trees covered in ice, it kind of reminds me of Narnia. 
Will far more prepared for the cold than I.
I hear everyone is getting back to work so I know I must finish up this post, but I don't want to because I am sitting by the wood stove and it is just so nice and warm,  maybe the just won't notice I am gone? Wishful thinking I know.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday and is staying warm.

x's and o's


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