Big News!

So I have been sitting on some very big news for quite a while now not knowing if I was going to share it here or not.  But I have come to the decision that I am going to share it here because well it's pretty darn exciting if you ask me! 
Will and I are getting married!
We couldn't be more over the moon! I feel a little silly talking about it here because I have been sitting on it for a long time, since summer, hehe.  Like I mentioned before I wasn't sure if I was even going to share it here, but after giving it some thought I came to the conclusion: what better way to kind of document all the fun events and ideas leading up to the big day than here in my blog.
Don't worry about this blog turning into all things wedding related now, but there will be more wedding related posts, being how there have never been any wedding posts before hehe. I think it will be nice to get some outside advice and opinions on things we are doing and thinking about doing for the wedding, so hopefully you all are up for the challenge!  
My wonderful photographer friend Megan took engagement photos for us, here is a sneak peak! 

Now I must get my head back into work, even though I am pretty sure I could sit here all day talking about our plans thus far, but I guess I will save that for a later date. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! 

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