Sunday Snapshot #15

December 2005
This comes from New Years Eve. I think I like this photo so much because of how happy my brother looks verse my dad's serious face, hehe. I think he was trying to be funny by doing this but if you weren't there then it doesn't really come across that way. He has a very bizarre sense humor and I know for a fact he is where I get my sense of humor. We are both very notorious for telling a joke and laughing at it even if no one else is actually laughing, we tend to think we are pretty darn hilarious, hehe! 
I have spent the last two days cutting and putting together our wedding invitations, and while I have finished all the major cutting there is still quite a bit more to go. Hopefully I will have be able to share some photos of the production in the next couple of days.

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

x's and o's

Little Thoughts

Wedding planning has been lots of fun. I am pretty sure I have already gone through thousands of pages of 'wedding porn' and have sent hundreds of emails back and forth with my wonderful bride's ladies chalk full of inspiration. And while I have been loving almost every minute of this planning, it's been really hard too. My mom died a little over 6 years ago and at the time the idea of planning my wedding wasn't even on the radar, so knowing just how hard the whole wedding planning would be without her really came as a slap in the face.  

The other day Will and I were talking about about life stuff when I just had a full break down. I think now that we are actually getting things rolling for the wedding it really hit me how she isn't here to help me with all the little things like going wedding dress shopping, listening to me rave when I start stressing out, or even telling me that she likes all of my crazy ideas that I absolutely love even if she doesn't. I do have several other amazing women in my life who treat me as one of their own, and are absolutely wonderful at all these things, which I am so thankful for, but at the same time they aren't my mom. 

While Will and I were in Phoenix over Christmas we cleaned out my old room and found some old VHS tapes and decided to watch them. They both were from Christmas when I was three and four, and while they were absolutely hilarious to watch with my bother jumping all over the place and me trying to figure out what the gifts actually were, they also made me so sad. There was my mom long before she got sick  doing an amazing job of juggling helping me open my gifts and laughing at my brothers crazy antics, I just wish I had more vivid memories of these times. It's so hard for me to remember a time before she was sick, and to remember her  as the nutty crafty mom who would send to school with pb&j's sandwiches on orange bread cut into the shape of lack-o-lanters for the entire month of October, or as the amazing trailblazer for all female lawyers in Arizona.

I know there are going to be a lot more tears and even some anger that she isn't here throughout this whole process and I am trying to prepare myself; but I'm not sure if I really can. Thankfully I have Will to help me, I just wish he got a chance to know her because I know she would have absolutely loved him.

Sunday Snapshot #14

June 2011
It's hard to believe that this is what the house looked like just last summer! And at this point we had already put in quite a bit of work, which is kind of hard to believe just by looking at the picture, but trust me as some who put many long and hard hot and and freezing days into getting this far. I really hope we are able to get it done enough so Will and I can move in this summer/fall or at least a month or two before the wedding, so we can at least have sometime to make it feel kind of nice before all of our family comes out to see what we have been working so hard on.

Bleh I woke up in a bit of a grumpy mood this morning and have a lot on my mind, but I still really wanted to do this Sunday Snapshot because it just helps remind me of how far we actually have come on the house. 


We woke up this morning on the mountain to a frozen wonderland! Even though we knew it was suppose to snow over night I was still surprised to see it this morning, hehe!

I swear even though I have now been living on the east coast for almost three years now the cold and the snow still amaze me. Will is constantly making fun of me because I never seem to have enough warm clothes, which isn't entirely true.  Though I never have enough warm clothes to wear when we are working on the mountain, I do have a fair amount of adorably warm clothes to wear any other time, hehe.  So as I write this I am bundled up in a pair of Will's longjongs, my work jeans, some thick socks I got as a Christmas gift, snow boots Will's parents gave last year for Christmas,  a short sleeve work shirt, Will's old flannel shirt that shrunk in the dryer, a Goofy sweater I got in high school, and a Roxy puff jacket from about 5 or 6 years ago.
edit: I decided against my best judgement to share what I actually currently look like in all of these layers, haha! But I mean why blog about how silly you look if you aren't actually going to show a picture, right?
Oh and I have a pair of gloves given to me by Will's Aunt last Christmas, but I currently have then off so I can type this without having four or five extra letters in each word. It will be nice when the house is all done being built and I will not have to scrape and steal warms clothes to work in, but rather just get to wear a pretty coat. Oh one day, maybe. 

So anyways like I was saying we work up to a frozen wonderland, and I'm not just talking about snow on the ground, I'm talking about the ground and all the plants covered in a layer of ice! I've only seen this happen once before and it just to happend to be up here on the mountain two years ago, so I guess this might be a common occurrence during the winter. There is something really kind of almost magical seeing all the trees covered in ice, it kind of reminds me of Narnia. 
Will far more prepared for the cold than I.
I hear everyone is getting back to work so I know I must finish up this post, but I don't want to because I am sitting by the wood stove and it is just so nice and warm,  maybe the just won't notice I am gone? Wishful thinking I know.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday and is staying warm.

x's and o's

Phoenix Fun

While we were in Phoenix both Will and I ended up getting a lot of work, which is always a double edged sword, because it sucks having to work while on vacation, but it's good having our freelance come in steady enough that allow up to go visit my family almost a month.

But even though had quite a bit of work while we were out there we still made sure there was time for fun things, like the Zoo! I don't think I had been to the Phoenix Zoo in almost 10 years, and Will has never been, so it was a lot of fun to discover all the new things together. One of my favorite things about the Phoenix Zoo is how close you can get to a lot of the animals, I mean take a look at that ostrich down below you could almost touch him! 
My world renowned owl hoot :) 
I think this was one of Will's favorite things to do, hehe! 

I kept telling Will that there probably wasn't going to be very many people there and we would have the run of the place to ourselves, but boy was I wrong, hehe!  When we got there the Zoo was inundated with families, which was pretty understandable seeing how it was 78 degrees and sunny.  So it was a lot of fun seeing all the kids get super excited to see certain animals, because honestly I think I was just about as excited as them to see my favorite animals (lots of jumping up and down shouting 'Eeeee! There they are!')

Now I must be off because we are headed back to WV to work on the house some more. Fingers crossed its not too terribly cold and we are able to get a lot of work done! Hopefully I will have lots more pictures of our progress as well as some more fun photos from out Phoenix trip! 

x's and o's

PS Thank you for all the warm wishes on our engagement! I cannot wait to share more fun details with you all! 

Big News!

So I have been sitting on some very big news for quite a while now not knowing if I was going to share it here or not.  But I have come to the decision that I am going to share it here because well it's pretty darn exciting if you ask me! 
Will and I are getting married!
We couldn't be more over the moon! I feel a little silly talking about it here because I have been sitting on it for a long time, since summer, hehe.  Like I mentioned before I wasn't sure if I was even going to share it here, but after giving it some thought I came to the conclusion: what better way to kind of document all the fun events and ideas leading up to the big day than here in my blog.
Don't worry about this blog turning into all things wedding related now, but there will be more wedding related posts, being how there have never been any wedding posts before hehe. I think it will be nice to get some outside advice and opinions on things we are doing and thinking about doing for the wedding, so hopefully you all are up for the challenge!  
My wonderful photographer friend Megan took engagement photos for us, here is a sneak peak! 

Now I must get my head back into work, even though I am pretty sure I could sit here all day talking about our plans thus far, but I guess I will save that for a later date. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! 

x's and o's

Sunday Snapshot #13

November 2006
This weeks Sunday Snapshot is kind of a special one, it is one of the very first pictures of both Will and I together, and is just a little over a year before we started to "hang out".  I was out in LA visiting a mutual friend and she asked us to be the subject of a photo project for her.  I remember thinking sure why not, and then when I found out Will was going to be in it too I thought 'you mean I get to hang out with this handsome fella all day long, heck ya!'  Hehe! It's really fun to look back on pictures like these from before Will and I started dating because it is hard to believe that there ever was a time we weren't together.  So to kind of remember those feelings of wanting to get to know this funny guy more are really fun! 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!

x's and o's

Oh Blogger

I've been having this truly bizarre problem with blogger's reading list for the past month or so and I thought I would see if it seems to be happening to any one else.  The last couple of blogs I've started to follower through blogger will randomly disappear for days at a time, with no rhyme or reason.  I've tried googling it a couple of times with no real success.

Any one else have this odd issue?

PS Who else is excited about Daniel Radcliffe hosting SNL tonight?! 

Let's Dance

I don't think teenage me and adult me have ever been so excited! Feel free to take a moment and have a little dance party.

Sick Ughs

I had planned on doing an outfit post today, but we got back from Arizona late last night and I woke up this morning feeling pretty under the weather.  I guess Arizona was so upset that our trip was coming to an end it cursed me, hehe!  My voice pretty much sounds like a prepubescent boy with all the cracking it is doing, Will says its pretty hard to take me serious while it's cracking hehe.

So I'm going to be a little lazy today and not do a real big post, but I did want to share another one of the 3D photo, because I think this one is pretty wonderfully ridiculous!  
Hope everyone is having a better Monday than I am.

x's and o's

Little Thoughts

I always thought Leslie Knope and I had somethings in common and when I saw the episode, which the above picture is from, I knew we did.  Even though Leslie is a fictional character it is kind of nice to know that I am not the only one who can get annoyed with hypothetical scenarios I allow my mind to come up with.  I mean one of the writers has to kind of do something like that too, or at least know someone who does. They wouldn't just come up with something so silly out of the blue, right? 

Will recently pointed out how when I get a little stressed out or worried about something I tend to start  telling Will every scenario my mind can come up with.  I honestly didn't even realize how often I do this silly little thing. I think most of the time I just do it in my head and it just seems normal, because I mean you never know how something is going to play out so why not be prepared for every outcome before it happens, hehe.  Unfortunate I never seem to come up with the scenario that actually ends up happening.  Things work out when I imagine them going horribly, but when I plan on them going well  all hell seems to break loose.  One would think that since I've been doing this for so long I'd at least be pretty good at it by now.

I'm not sure why I constantly do this. I don't think it really helps all that much, and just like Leslie, tend get annoyed with people for hypothetically doing something. Sometimes it takes me up to a day before I realize just how ridiculous I'm being. Thank goodness I don't ever act on any of these little scenarios, and now that Will has pointed it out maybe I'll be able stop myself before I get to far down crazy town road.

Today is my last day in Phoenix so Will and I are off to do as much as we can!

x's and o's

Vacation Fun

I've been enjoying my time out in Phoenix so much that I have completely neglected my little blog, I do hope you all forgive me. 

Yesterday Will and I jumped out of bed and headed off to Piestewa Peak to do some morning hiking. I was so surprised to see so many people there, but I guess the wonderful 78 degree weather brought everyone out.  Will ended up getting some some absolutely amazing photos, here are a couple.
I didn't pack any shorts for hiking so I wore some old pajama shorts I found in my old room, hehe!

Then this morning Will and I woke up at 4:45 AM to take my dad to the airport, he is off to Africa for the next three weeks.  I must say I am super jealous of all his recent globe trotting since retiring! I am kind of bummed that he left before our trip visit is over, but at the same time it is really nice to have the whole house just to ourselves.  And seeing how I'm actually feeling a little under the weather it will be nice to have a pj and Lifetime Movie day with Will.  Lifetime movies are such a guiltily pleasure of mine especially when I'm feeling sick, they are just so bad they are so fun!

What do you guys do when you are sick?

x's and o's