Sunday Snapshot #11

This snapshot comes from Julyish of 2007.  
This clock was something Will made for a short film while in film school. Because it was a prop it was hollow, allowing me to hop inside it for some wonderful photo taking.  We weren't dating yet but I have feeling when he saw this picture he knew I was the little lady for him, hehe!   When we moved back east we had to leave the clock with friends, and unfortunately I think it ended up getting trashed or something. It was really such a bummer because it was pretty amazing, but maybe once we finish the house Will will recreate this wonderful clock and I can hope back inside for some more silly pictures. 

x's and o's


  1. Hahaha you are so freaking cute! Love it.

  2. Silly pictures are the best pictures!

    Sounds like you have some lovely memories!

    Girl about Town XxX


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