Christmas Cards!

We made it to Arizona! Eeeee! I am so excited to be back here for Christmas with my family! I am not too happy about having work tell me I have a rush edit the day before we left, but I such is the life of a freelancer.  Luckily I am almost done, and then will be able to enjoy at least a couple days off before having to start the next edit.

But I have a minute so I wanted to share this years Christmas Card with you.  
We decided we wanted to do something with Santa, and then to our luck while we were traveling back to Arizona there was a Santa at one of our layovers.  The original idea was to cry on his lap, but when I saw how good of a Santa he was I just couldn't bring myself to do it, I reverted back into being a little kid and just became so happy when I saw him!  He was such a great Santa, he even asked us what we wanted for Christmas.  It was wonderful, and definitely helped make my flying anxiety go down a couple of notches.

Do you make Holiday Cards? If so link to them in the comments below, I would love to see them! 

x's and o's

PS Click here to check out past years cards, they are pretty goofy! 


  1. haha your Christmas card is so cute!! And I really love your sweater!!


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