Film Fun

A couple of days ago Will got a Nishika N8000 camera.  It is a fancy little stereo camera that allows you to make 3-D pictures! The way it works is that it has four lens equal distance apart that all take a picture at the same time, giving you a set of two pictures on each 35mm frame. Then you take the four photos into Photoshop and make an animated gif, the slightly different persecutive moving makes the picture seem 3-D.  It is pretty nifty and we have been having lots of fun messing around with it, trying to figure out what makes the best looking 3-D picture.

The first roll of film we used was one we found in my dad's freezer and probably had been there for about 10 years so our first batch came out looking very vintage.  They look pretty nifty, but I am excited to see how a new roll of film will come out!

So without further adue or 3-D photos!
I absolutely love how my whole family is always down for an impromptu silly photo shoot, they are the best! Hopefully we will finish off and get the next roll developed soon so I can share more of these fun photos with you, and trust me there will be more.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday! 

x's and o's

PS If you follow me on twitter you have already know this, but I just had to share this again! Chunky kitty came back and this time I got to hold all 30lbs of him! Eeee!


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