Cookies Galore!

Today is the second anual Friendsmas! It is this wonderfully silly little tradition we started with our friend Shaye last year, where we all bake waaaay to many goodies and play board games.  Last year I think I made two different kinds of cookies and chocolate bread pudding, and Shaye made banana bread! Oh and of course there was some egg-nog, it's not Friendsmas without egg-nog! 

While I was making cookies for the party yesterday I also made a batch of sugar cookies so we could have a decorating-off with Will's mom later that night.  Unfortunately I only had enough ingredients to make three colors (green, orange, and white) so we had to do a lot of improvising, and a lot of use of some gel food writers, hahaha!  But we still had lots of fun! 
My wonderful creations! 
Will made sure everyone knew which plate was his by writing his name on one of the cookies, hehe!

I am not too sure how it happened but my plate won, haha! And my prize is I get first pick for my partner in tonights Cranium tournament! 
Now I must be off to make a couple more things before Shaye gets here, I think we are going to have enough food for 30 people, haha!  But hey leftovers are always wonderful! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!
x's and o's

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  1. Your cookies look reeeeeeaaaallllyyyy good. Gotta love the holiday season for all the cookies!


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