Christmas Fun

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, ours was pretty fun. This year Will and I headed back to Phoenix to spend the holiday with my family, which I have to say I was pretty excited about! Last year we spent Christmas with Will's family and I had my very first white Christmas.  Growing up in Phoenix, AZ snow never seemed to show up on Christmas, hehe. This year Will got to enjoy his first 70 degree weather Christmas. It was a nice little switch-a-roo.

Since this was the first time Will and my sister-in-law celebrated Christmas with my family I decided it would be fun to add a couple new traditions, one of which was a gingerbread house! Now, I don't think my brother and I have tried to put  one together since we were very little, and I remember that one ending disastrously.  I honestly didn't have much hope for this one, but it ended up actually standing.  And even though it isn't the prettiest looking gingerbread house it sure was a lot of fun to build! 

This is Brooklyn, my brother and sister-in-law's dog, and pretty much the best dog ever!

And now for the best part of Christmas: this absolutely amazing painting Will made for me!!! Ahhh I love it so much.  Maybe a little back story is need, hehe. I really love the show Psych, and while I edit I usually watch Netflix, so a couple of weeks ago I watched every episode of Psych back to back, thus Will had to watch it as well, hehe. Naturally he thought it would probably be an amazing idea to make me this absolutely wonderful painting as one of my Christmas gifts, and I could not agree more!! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Post-Christmas day!

PS I almost can't believe it but this is my hundredth post! Wow, I'm actually pretty impressed with myself that I have made it this far :)

Edit: I Tweeted the picture to Dule Hill and I can now say it is also Dule Hill approved! 


  1. Did Will actually paint that picture? Nuts! I love it. :) Love the gingerbread house too. Do people actually eat those when they're done with them? I've never made one.

  2. Cute post!!
    I love the layout of your blog, Especially the pinterest/bloglovin/twitter button on the side bar! Super cute font!


  3. very nice photos! I love making gingerbread houses :D Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


  4. its so adorable! i dont think i'd ever want to eat it!! :)


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