Can We Be Friends?

I wish someone would have told me just how ridiculously hard it is to make friends in the real world. You spend 16 years in school, an environment where you see the same people day after day that it seems like you spend no time or effort making friends.  Then when you get out you just have no clue that out of a school setting making friends drops exponentially, and if you work from home the friend making is pretty much nonexistent.

Will and I live in a pretty small city and will be moving to an even smaller town, once we finish building the house, and I don't see making friends being very easy once that happens.  I think that's really one of the reasons why I started blogging.  I love the idea of being able to meet new people through blogs, and getting to connect with all sorts of new people that you might have not otherwise have gotten to meet. And I absolutely love hearing about how other people have made such great friends with people over the internet.  I also get a little jealous that I am just so horribly awkward at anything that involves trying to make friends, or even meeting new people, that I just completely mess up any chance I might have had to make friends in person or through blogs.  

It's kind of embarrassing to say I have tried to start up a conversation with a couple of bloggers who seem to have similar tastes to my own, but I'm pretty sure I just came off even more awkward in written form that I do in person.  And who am I kidding that won't ever change, I don't think any amount of practice I could do could save me from myself.  Oh well, such is life I guess.

At least I do have some of those wonderful friends that I met in high school and college still, even if they do live all over the place, le boo.  And thankfully Will and I do travel back to Phoenix enough that I am able to fill up on some wonderful quality in person friend time.  I guess I should just quit my bitchin and be happy that I do have some friends, and that they are really some of the best people I know.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday.

x's and o's 


  1. Oh my dear Amanda, Eric and I feel the same way so often. Even when I'm among a group of friends, I feel like the perpetual outsider who is no fun and who no one wants to be around. I know it's hard to branch out, but when you move to the mountain, I have a feeling it'll be much more of a built-in community than where you live now, just by virtue of how remote it is. If you just get involved in a few things locally--making movies for people, craft groups, hiking clubs, art classes, whatever--I know you'll make friends very quickly. And word will soon spread of your awesomeness. It'll spread like wildfire because good people are hard to find, and you are terrific. Lovelovelove, HB.

  2. I know how you feel! It's impossible for me to make friends now that I work at home. I don't even have coworkers!
    I am pretty socially deprived at this point. I try and make friends online too, but it's hard! I've made a few, but it's a lot more effort than making friends in school was.

  3. I know exactly how you feel. I am the same way.....I'm a bit of a loner. I have been this way for a while. But now I find that I like my "me" time. LOL It gives me time to get things done...artsy projects, cleaning, etc. Or to have a nice relaxing day on the couch...haha

  4. OH girl, this is exactly me! I hate that I can't find friends in the real world...and I always feel like I'm the weird outsider that no one wants to talk to (similar to the first comment here). I feel like I'm the physical manifestation of socially awkward penguin. <3

  5. I really don't have anything of substance to add except that this is like.. exactly how I feel.


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