Film Fun

A couple of days ago Will got a Nishika N8000 camera.  It is a fancy little stereo camera that allows you to make 3-D pictures! The way it works is that it has four lens equal distance apart that all take a picture at the same time, giving you a set of two pictures on each 35mm frame. Then you take the four photos into Photoshop and make an animated gif, the slightly different persecutive moving makes the picture seem 3-D.  It is pretty nifty and we have been having lots of fun messing around with it, trying to figure out what makes the best looking 3-D picture.

The first roll of film we used was one we found in my dad's freezer and probably had been there for about 10 years so our first batch came out looking very vintage.  They look pretty nifty, but I am excited to see how a new roll of film will come out!

So without further adue or 3-D photos!
I absolutely love how my whole family is always down for an impromptu silly photo shoot, they are the best! Hopefully we will finish off and get the next roll developed soon so I can share more of these fun photos with you, and trust me there will be more.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday! 

x's and o's

PS If you follow me on twitter you have already know this, but I just had to share this again! Chunky kitty came back and this time I got to hold all 30lbs of him! Eeee!


This is just going to be a quick post, but I really just had to share this picture with you all!  
The other day I walked by my dad's front door and out on the door step I saw this handsome little chunky guy! I am pretty sure I let out an audible squeal! I yelled for Will and ran out to say hello and he greeted us with the quietest and meekest little meow, I seriously wanted to eat him up.  I think I would have kept him forever if my dad hadn't come out and told us that it was the neighbors cat, hehe! Oh well one day I will get a chunky little kitty or my own.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday! 
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Christmas Fun

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, ours was pretty fun. This year Will and I headed back to Phoenix to spend the holiday with my family, which I have to say I was pretty excited about! Last year we spent Christmas with Will's family and I had my very first white Christmas.  Growing up in Phoenix, AZ snow never seemed to show up on Christmas, hehe. This year Will got to enjoy his first 70 degree weather Christmas. It was a nice little switch-a-roo.

Since this was the first time Will and my sister-in-law celebrated Christmas with my family I decided it would be fun to add a couple new traditions, one of which was a gingerbread house! Now, I don't think my brother and I have tried to put  one together since we were very little, and I remember that one ending disastrously.  I honestly didn't have much hope for this one, but it ended up actually standing.  And even though it isn't the prettiest looking gingerbread house it sure was a lot of fun to build! 

This is Brooklyn, my brother and sister-in-law's dog, and pretty much the best dog ever!

And now for the best part of Christmas: this absolutely amazing painting Will made for me!!! Ahhh I love it so much.  Maybe a little back story is need, hehe. I really love the show Psych, and while I edit I usually watch Netflix, so a couple of weeks ago I watched every episode of Psych back to back, thus Will had to watch it as well, hehe. Naturally he thought it would probably be an amazing idea to make me this absolutely wonderful painting as one of my Christmas gifts, and I could not agree more!! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Post-Christmas day!

PS I almost can't believe it but this is my hundredth post! Wow, I'm actually pretty impressed with myself that I have made it this far :)

Edit: I Tweeted the picture to Dule Hill and I can now say it is also Dule Hill approved! 

Sunday Snapshot #12

June 2010
This is from one of our trips back to Phoenix.  We were at our friends DJing show when we saw this mural across the street, and we had to run over to grab a photo. We actually came back a couple of days later and shot one of our videos in front of it because it is just so wonderful looking!  After we uploaded our video the artist of the mural contacted us thanking us for using it in the video. 

If you are ever in Phoenix I highly recommend checking it out, because it really is amazing.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday! 

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Christmas Cards!

We made it to Arizona! Eeeee! I am so excited to be back here for Christmas with my family! I am not too happy about having work tell me I have a rush edit the day before we left, but I such is the life of a freelancer.  Luckily I am almost done, and then will be able to enjoy at least a couple days off before having to start the next edit.

But I have a minute so I wanted to share this years Christmas Card with you.  
We decided we wanted to do something with Santa, and then to our luck while we were traveling back to Arizona there was a Santa at one of our layovers.  The original idea was to cry on his lap, but when I saw how good of a Santa he was I just couldn't bring myself to do it, I reverted back into being a little kid and just became so happy when I saw him!  He was such a great Santa, he even asked us what we wanted for Christmas.  It was wonderful, and definitely helped make my flying anxiety go down a couple of notches.

Do you make Holiday Cards? If so link to them in the comments below, I would love to see them! 

x's and o's

PS Click here to check out past years cards, they are pretty goofy! 

Sunday Snapshot #11

This snapshot comes from Julyish of 2007.  
This clock was something Will made for a short film while in film school. Because it was a prop it was hollow, allowing me to hop inside it for some wonderful photo taking.  We weren't dating yet but I have feeling when he saw this picture he knew I was the little lady for him, hehe!   When we moved back east we had to leave the clock with friends, and unfortunately I think it ended up getting trashed or something. It was really such a bummer because it was pretty amazing, but maybe once we finish the house Will will recreate this wonderful clock and I can hope back inside for some more silly pictures. 

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Cookies Galore!

Today is the second anual Friendsmas! It is this wonderfully silly little tradition we started with our friend Shaye last year, where we all bake waaaay to many goodies and play board games.  Last year I think I made two different kinds of cookies and chocolate bread pudding, and Shaye made banana bread! Oh and of course there was some egg-nog, it's not Friendsmas without egg-nog! 

While I was making cookies for the party yesterday I also made a batch of sugar cookies so we could have a decorating-off with Will's mom later that night.  Unfortunately I only had enough ingredients to make three colors (green, orange, and white) so we had to do a lot of improvising, and a lot of use of some gel food writers, hahaha!  But we still had lots of fun! 
My wonderful creations! 
Will made sure everyone knew which plate was his by writing his name on one of the cookies, hehe!

I am not too sure how it happened but my plate won, haha! And my prize is I get first pick for my partner in tonights Cranium tournament! 
Now I must be off to make a couple more things before Shaye gets here, I think we are going to have enough food for 30 people, haha!  But hey leftovers are always wonderful! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!
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I am currently slammed with trying to finish up a couple of edits before Will and I head off to Phoenix for Christmas, but I wanted to say thank you for all your sweet and wonderful comments on my previous post.  It's really nice to know that other people feel the same way I do sometimes.

I also wanted to share my new hair color! It's nothing fancy but I really like it and it's a lot easier to take care of than the blonde (which I really loved too!)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

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Can We Be Friends?

I wish someone would have told me just how ridiculously hard it is to make friends in the real world. You spend 16 years in school, an environment where you see the same people day after day that it seems like you spend no time or effort making friends.  Then when you get out you just have no clue that out of a school setting making friends drops exponentially, and if you work from home the friend making is pretty much nonexistent.

Will and I live in a pretty small city and will be moving to an even smaller town, once we finish building the house, and I don't see making friends being very easy once that happens.  I think that's really one of the reasons why I started blogging.  I love the idea of being able to meet new people through blogs, and getting to connect with all sorts of new people that you might have not otherwise have gotten to meet. And I absolutely love hearing about how other people have made such great friends with people over the internet.  I also get a little jealous that I am just so horribly awkward at anything that involves trying to make friends, or even meeting new people, that I just completely mess up any chance I might have had to make friends in person or through blogs.  

It's kind of embarrassing to say I have tried to start up a conversation with a couple of bloggers who seem to have similar tastes to my own, but I'm pretty sure I just came off even more awkward in written form that I do in person.  And who am I kidding that won't ever change, I don't think any amount of practice I could do could save me from myself.  Oh well, such is life I guess.

At least I do have some of those wonderful friends that I met in high school and college still, even if they do live all over the place, le boo.  And thankfully Will and I do travel back to Phoenix enough that I am able to fill up on some wonderful quality in person friend time.  I guess I should just quit my bitchin and be happy that I do have some friends, and that they are really some of the best people I know.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday.

x's and o's 

Sunday Snapshot #10

Ever since we got back from the mountain I have been slammed with work and have been a little neglecting on my blog, but I have a little free time today so I wanted to make sure I didn't miss Sunday Snapshot.  So here we go.
I think I was around 3 or 4 in the photo. I am not completely sure but I think this was taken during a family Christmas party, and I believe this was one of the last pictures taken before my grandmother passed away.  I actually don't remember  much about my grandmother because she did pass away when I was so little, so it is always nice seeing old pictures of her.  I do remember those pink overalls like the back of my hand though.  I loved those things as a kind and pretty much wanted to wear them EVERYWHERE, to my mothers dismay.  Being the only girl she was super excited with the idea of dressing me up and wonderfully fancy dresses, but instead got a overall loving little girl, hehe! 

I really wish I knew whose house this was taken at so I could ask them whats up with the beaver statue on the table is all about.  It just seems like such an odd thing to have in your house, even though the more I look at it the more I kind of want in my house, hehe!

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