Sunday Snapshot #9

May 2, 2010
This weeks Sunday Snapshot comes from one of my favorite roadside stops in the US.  You might recognize the fella behind me from the movie Pee Wee's Big Adventure! When I lived in LA anytime I drove back to Phoenix for a visit I would always stop here fill up the gas tank and take a picture with Mr. Rex.  Usually I would be by myself so the picture wouldn't be quite as awesome as this one, but I had Will with me on this trip and I couldn't ask for a better photo outcome!

They now have a little museum you can go in, it hadn't opened up yet when I happened to stop by sadly, but the gift shop inside the other dinosaur (a brontosaurus) was open, and it is just a bizarre as you would think a roadside gift shop would be, hehe!  
Here's Will's picture just for good measure :)
x's and o's

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