Sunday Snapshot #8 (a day late)

If you follow me on twitter then you know yesterday started off as a pretty horrible day.  My phone of less than two years finally decided to just completely die, ughs.  So I had to go and get a new one, something I was not planning on especially after having to repair my car last month. I headed over to the Verizon store expecting to spend a fair amount of money on a new phone, but to my surprise at this store on Sundays have this truly bizarre discount game.  You stick your hand into a jar and pull out a ping pong ball with a number on it and whatever the number is, is how much you get off your phone.  I ended up getting $75 off! I was super excited, and it made me feel a whole lot better about having to get a new phone well before I was planning on getting one.

And now back to Sunday Snapshot (a day late)
Fall 2008
As you can see this isn't the normal Sunday Snapshot. This is a comic Will made for me, in the Fall of 2008 when we were both living in LA.  I was working this really boring day job, while I was trying to find work as an art teacher (which I had no luck with as the economy was in the crapper, and LA was laying off teachers left and right) and Will was working on his documentary (The Fish Belong to the People).  We were both extremely busy and weren't able to see each other quite as much as would like to, so Will made me this comic and sent it to me at work, to tell me how much he missed me.  It was probably the best day of work ever, hehe!  I absolutely love coming across this type of thing years later because it always makes me feel the same way I felt the first time I saw it!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! x's and o's


  1. What a sweet comic, that is too sweet. You guys are obviously so happy together :) And what kind of phone did you get with that sweet discount?

  2. I got the new Droid Bionic, I am super excited, I thought I would lose my unlimited internet once I upgraded my phone but they said I'm grandfathered in! Yay!

  3. Aww I'm sorry that your phone died on you, but it's awesome that you got to save so much money on a new one. That comic is so cool, I can't believe that Will made it for you!



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