Little Thoughts

Today started off pretty horribly, well it actually started off late last night, which made for one restless night (I actually ended up hitting Will in the nose as I tossed and turned, oops).  I am an extremely caring person and some people take advantage of that and just walk all over me. It seems so unfair that I have to try and teach myself not to care as much, like it is a bad thing, just because there are people who can be so cruel and use it against you.

Last night I finally said enough is enough, I can only take so much of feeling miserable and just completely disrespected.  It probably took me way longer to get to this point than it really should, but I never want to believe that someone is just using me, maybe that is just incredibly naive of me, I just can't help it.

But thank goodness for Will, after a long talk about what I should do and some breakfast in bed I am feeling much better. I have spent most of the day messing around with After Effects learning all sorts of new techniques, which will hopefully help me land some new freelance jobs, so fingers crossed.  Also I have been watch episodes of Psych on Netflix so that has definitely helped too.

x's and o's

Edit: I wrote this a couple of days ago and was unsure if I would actually post it, so it just sat on my computer.  But after a lot of thinking I thought this is my blog and I can post about whatever I want! Silly that I just now had the realization, but better late than never right.


  1. First of all I agree that your blog should be a safe plea to write about whatever you want :) I'm sorry you're being disrespected - unfortunately people often take advantage of people who are kind and wiling to help. I hope you feel 100% soon love! <3

  2. Thanks Caitlin I am feeling much better now, and things seem to be looking on the up and up so yay!


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