Exploring Fun

If you follow me on twitter then you know that Will and I went exploring the other day up here on the mountain.  I absolutely love walking around up here because, you honestly never know what you are going to find or run into.  There are so many different types of animals that live up here it seems like every time we come up we find a new critter that we didn't realize lived around this area.

Last year we found a rafter of turkeys (I actually just looked it up, what a silly name for a group of turkeys hehe!)  I have never seen a wild turkey in my life so it was kind of wonderfully amazing!  Then it got even more amazing when Will caught one of the babies who was too busy gobbling down black berries to notice him sneaking up on him, so I got to pet a wild turkey! Eeeeee!!
I mean look at this guy how cute is he, and the turkey is pretty adorable too, hehe!

Then the other day we went on a walk and came across an abandoned mailbox. Now I had no clue that there could be such a thing as an abandoned mailbox, but as there were no houses in sight I guess this little guy got left behind.
I really have a ridiculously strong urge to write some letters and place them inside for the next person who wanders across it, but at the same time I can see myself wandering back to it every other day to check to see if my letters have gone unnoticed and being slightly disappointed if they have been, but then being completely elated if they were gone!   Silly I know, but I really hope there are other people who come would across this lonely mailbox and kind of see how magically special it could be, just so I know I'm not the only weirdo out here on this mountain. 

But now it's time for this little lady to pick back up her hammer and put on her safety googles and get back to this house building work.

Hope everyone is having a splendid Monday! 

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  1. Rafter of turkeys?? I've dwefinitely never heard of that one before....why didn't they just call them a flock...or a pack. hmm...ANYWAY, that baby turkey is just sooo cute! I'm jealous that you got to pet him! lol


  2. I say definitely write a letter! Too neat. I love snail mail so very much.

  3. That baby turkey is pretty much adorable. I want to pet him! And I think it is a wonderful idea to leave letters in the abandoned mailbox. I wonder if anyone would write back.

  4. awwwwe what adorable little creatures!


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