Bless My Stars

As most of you know I edit videos for a living.  Sometimes it's a really fun job, and other times it is a very boring and frustrating job, especially when you don't like the material you are editing or you are dealing with people who don't know much about editing.  

Final Cut has always been my go to editing software, and we have always had a bit of a love hate relationship.  On days that I needed a little bit of a break the 5 hour render times were wonderful, but on days I desperately need to get the video done, those 5 hour render times made me want to pick up my computer and throw it out the window.  I never understood why renders would take so long with Final Cut, especially when (here's a little tech talk for you) my computer has 16 gigs of ram! That's a whole lotta ram, and you would think make things run a lot more quickly, but no.  I've had many a conversation with Will about how horrible Final Cut was, and we would recount render time horror stories, always trying to one up each other.  

Then about a two weeks ago I kept getting this 'Out of Memory' error, and thought there is no way I could be out of memory, there are 16 gigs in there for goodness sakes. I did a little research and found out something that I am ashamed I didn't know a lot sooner.  Final Cut is a 32 bit program, which means it will never use more than 4 gigs of memory! What the what?! My mind was blown when I found that out, and it completely explains why I had such ridiculous render times.

Once I found that out I knew it was time to make a full jump over to Adobe Premiere Pro, a 64 bit program and utilizes all my memory, thus making the render time so much shorter. The other day I had a 20 minutes video with effects and it took 40 minutes to render and export out, Final Cut usually would take 4-6 hours! My jaw almost hit the floor, I was completely shocked and elated! And because it is an Adobe product it works seamlessly with After Effects, I am pretty sure I heard the angels singing from the heavens at this moment!

So goodbye Final Cut, can't say I will miss you.

Hope everyone is having an amazing Wednesday!

x's and o's


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    Mr.Freddy just saw that photo. He wished he could pet it :-)

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  2. hey hun thank u for your lovely comment on my blog a few days ago :) x

  3. Excellent! Congrats on finding a new software that works for you. I've said the same thing about photography - frustrates me that it relies so much on what OTHER people want, rather than what YOU want to do with your art.


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