Exploring Fun

If you follow me on twitter then you know that Will and I went exploring the other day up here on the mountain.  I absolutely love walking around up here because, you honestly never know what you are going to find or run into.  There are so many different types of animals that live up here it seems like every time we come up we find a new critter that we didn't realize lived around this area.

Last year we found a rafter of turkeys (I actually just looked it up, what a silly name for a group of turkeys hehe!)  I have never seen a wild turkey in my life so it was kind of wonderfully amazing!  Then it got even more amazing when Will caught one of the babies who was too busy gobbling down black berries to notice him sneaking up on him, so I got to pet a wild turkey! Eeeeee!!
I mean look at this guy how cute is he, and the turkey is pretty adorable too, hehe!

Then the other day we went on a walk and came across an abandoned mailbox. Now I had no clue that there could be such a thing as an abandoned mailbox, but as there were no houses in sight I guess this little guy got left behind.
I really have a ridiculously strong urge to write some letters and place them inside for the next person who wanders across it, but at the same time I can see myself wandering back to it every other day to check to see if my letters have gone unnoticed and being slightly disappointed if they have been, but then being completely elated if they were gone!   Silly I know, but I really hope there are other people who come would across this lonely mailbox and kind of see how magically special it could be, just so I know I'm not the only weirdo out here on this mountain. 

But now it's time for this little lady to pick back up her hammer and put on her safety googles and get back to this house building work.

Hope everyone is having a splendid Monday! 

x's and o's

No Rest for the Weary

So I have been a little M.I.A these last couple of days, but I swear it is for a good reason, we have been working on our house in West Virginia again! 
We still have a ways to go on the house, but it is so shocking when we drive up to the house and to see just how far we have actually come! The roof was just put on not that long ago (just a month or two), we have been so used to seeing just a foundation and walls, so it is still wonderfully silly looking to both Will and myself.  The three previous years we had been working on the house we felt like it was never going to get to the point of having a roof on and then bam, we got the roof on.  It was such a monumental moment for us, and really kind of was that moment that you realize we might actually get this thing done!

And now we are back up here trying to finish buttoning it up for winter.  It has been surprisingly warm the last couple of days which is pretty darn lucky for us, because honestly who would want to work in 35 degree weather?!

I am beyond happy that we have come this far on this house, but it does get me a little down knowing that we still probably won't be able to move into it for another 6 or 8 months.  We have spent three long years putting our blood and sweat into this place, and even though we are so close, there is still so much more to do! Ugh who knew building a house yourself would be so hard, hehe!

I cannot wait until the day when I get to put up pictures of us moving into the house, and lots of wonderful decorated room shots! I have boxes and boxes of wonderful knick-knacks just waiting to brush the dust off themselves and start making this house feel like our home.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

x's and o's

Little Things

The last couple of days haven't been the best with work.  Little silly mistakes like a misspelling (that is very easy to fix) but becomes a much larger mistakes when the quality control people don't actually look at the edit before handing it off to a client, and then I look like the dummy for some reason. And it's not like I am just willy nilly misspelling everything, but it happens sometimes and you just don't catch it because you've watched the edit about 1000 times already that day.

What I think makes it worse is that instead of just brushing it off, I get what I call the stress tummy.  Where my stomach gets all tied into knots and I just feel all gross, and it takes me forever to stop feeling that way.  The sad thing is even if I did nothing that would justify feeling this way I still get the stress tummy.  I have been trying my best not to let things drive me to the stress stomach and I think I am getting slightly better at it, but it still lasts at least for a couple of hours.

But my day did a total 180 when I got an unexpected gift in the mail from my wonderful friend Lex!
She sent me this absolutely adorable friendship necklace from this wonderfully cute shop, Leftover Charm. She told me that she got one for herself so we could be twinzies, we've actually been mistaken for twins quite a few times, so it was pretty fitting, hehe! But this surprise little gift absolutely made my day so much brighter.  Unexpected snail mail is one of my favorite things in the world.

I hope everyone is having a great start to their week.

x's and o's

PS Did you notice Will giving the thumbs up in the background, I actually didn't notice until after I emailed this picture to Lex thanking her, and it made me laugh so hard! 

Sunday Snapshot #9

May 2, 2010
This weeks Sunday Snapshot comes from one of my favorite roadside stops in the US.  You might recognize the fella behind me from the movie Pee Wee's Big Adventure! When I lived in LA anytime I drove back to Phoenix for a visit I would always stop here fill up the gas tank and take a picture with Mr. Rex.  Usually I would be by myself so the picture wouldn't be quite as awesome as this one, but I had Will with me on this trip and I couldn't ask for a better photo outcome!

They now have a little museum you can go in, it hadn't opened up yet when I happened to stop by sadly, but the gift shop inside the other dinosaur (a brontosaurus) was open, and it is just a bizarre as you would think a roadside gift shop would be, hehe!  
Here's Will's picture just for good measure :)
x's and o's

What I Wore (Gone Awry)

Well I had planned on doing a 'What I Wore' post today but as you read in the title it didn't go as planned. It was just one of those days that it seemed like no matter how many pictures I took I just didn't like what I saw.  Every so once in a while I get in one of those moods with no rhyme or reason really, that I am sure everyone can relate to.

But I still wanted to share my early Christmas gift from Will, these adorable boots!
They are so comfy and the coloring is pretty much perfect! 
This is pretty much the only picture I liked out of the whole lot, so I thought I would share.  And it is also the last picture with my blonde hair, because I am saying 'bye, bye' to blonde tonight.  I absolutely loved my blonde hair but it was just a hassle to maintain.
This has to be one of my favorite pictures of Will, it's just so goofy and wonderful just like him!

sweater/shirt: Forever 21
shoes: Bass Shoe Outlet
Tomorrow is another day and hopefully this little funk will be gone.  Hope everyone is having a good Friday.

x's and o's

Bless My Stars

As most of you know I edit videos for a living.  Sometimes it's a really fun job, and other times it is a very boring and frustrating job, especially when you don't like the material you are editing or you are dealing with people who don't know much about editing.  

Final Cut has always been my go to editing software, and we have always had a bit of a love hate relationship.  On days that I needed a little bit of a break the 5 hour render times were wonderful, but on days I desperately need to get the video done, those 5 hour render times made me want to pick up my computer and throw it out the window.  I never understood why renders would take so long with Final Cut, especially when (here's a little tech talk for you) my computer has 16 gigs of ram! That's a whole lotta ram, and you would think make things run a lot more quickly, but no.  I've had many a conversation with Will about how horrible Final Cut was, and we would recount render time horror stories, always trying to one up each other.  

Then about a two weeks ago I kept getting this 'Out of Memory' error, and thought there is no way I could be out of memory, there are 16 gigs in there for goodness sakes. I did a little research and found out something that I am ashamed I didn't know a lot sooner.  Final Cut is a 32 bit program, which means it will never use more than 4 gigs of memory! What the what?! My mind was blown when I found that out, and it completely explains why I had such ridiculous render times.

Once I found that out I knew it was time to make a full jump over to Adobe Premiere Pro, a 64 bit program and utilizes all my memory, thus making the render time so much shorter. The other day I had a 20 minutes video with effects and it took 40 minutes to render and export out, Final Cut usually would take 4-6 hours! My jaw almost hit the floor, I was completely shocked and elated! And because it is an Adobe product it works seamlessly with After Effects, I am pretty sure I heard the angels singing from the heavens at this moment!

So goodbye Final Cut, can't say I will miss you.

Hope everyone is having an amazing Wednesday!

x's and o's

Postcard Fun!

My little cousin Zoe is currently learning about the Gingerbread Man in school and her mother asked the family if we could mail in a postcard to her, saying how we saw the Gingerbread Man while we were doing something ordinary. Her class will then track where he has been, a pretty cute idea if you ask me. So of course I take it upon myself to take it a step further, as I usually do, and I convinced my dad to do it too, haha!
We both took pictures of ourselves doing ordinary things, and then I photoshopped a Gingerbread Man running away in them.  I figures since these are for 5 year olds who will be looking at them I would make the Gingerbread Men pretty obvious in the pictures, hehe!  I am super happy that my dad did it too, especially because both Zoe and her sister love 'Uncle Wandy'! 

I really hope the kids get a kick out of them, because I know I sure did, haha!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday! 

x's and o's 

Sunday Snapshot #8 (a day late)

If you follow me on twitter then you know yesterday started off as a pretty horrible day.  My phone of less than two years finally decided to just completely die, ughs.  So I had to go and get a new one, something I was not planning on especially after having to repair my car last month. I headed over to the Verizon store expecting to spend a fair amount of money on a new phone, but to my surprise at this store on Sundays have this truly bizarre discount game.  You stick your hand into a jar and pull out a ping pong ball with a number on it and whatever the number is, is how much you get off your phone.  I ended up getting $75 off! I was super excited, and it made me feel a whole lot better about having to get a new phone well before I was planning on getting one.

And now back to Sunday Snapshot (a day late)
Fall 2008
As you can see this isn't the normal Sunday Snapshot. This is a comic Will made for me, in the Fall of 2008 when we were both living in LA.  I was working this really boring day job, while I was trying to find work as an art teacher (which I had no luck with as the economy was in the crapper, and LA was laying off teachers left and right) and Will was working on his documentary (The Fish Belong to the People).  We were both extremely busy and weren't able to see each other quite as much as would like to, so Will made me this comic and sent it to me at work, to tell me how much he missed me.  It was probably the best day of work ever, hehe!  I absolutely love coming across this type of thing years later because it always makes me feel the same way I felt the first time I saw it!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! x's and o's

Busy Little Lady

I have been such busy little lady this past week, I've completely neglected my little blog, but I am sure my couple of readers won't be too angry, hehe.

Work as been keeping me extremely busy, from tons of new edits, to fixing old edits, I haven't had much time to think about anything else.  I have so many projects going on currently that my 6 TB of hard drive space are almost all used up! I am still completely amazed that I could almost fill that amount of space.  If I could go back in time I would tell myself to buy more hard drives when they were on sale, hehe.

Thankfully today has been filled with renders, both my iMac and macbook are currently busy rendering and still have hours to go.  One of my least favorite things about editing are the darn render times, it is astonishing how long it can take to render out a 15 min video with effects, especially when you just want to get the project done!  But today I put my free time to some good use and baked a pie.  If you have been reading my blog lately you have probably noticed I have been on a bit of a pie baking kick, but I mean pies are wonderfully delicious so why not, hehe! And we had some frozen strawberries I wanted to use, so a strawberry pie it was made!  However I didn't let the strawberries defrost enough so it was slightly exploded with juice, haha!
Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture, our Canon is currently being fixed.
Hope everyone is having a happy Friday!

 x's and o's

Sunday Snapshot #7

Thanksgiving 2006
This is probably one of my favorite pictures, mainly because it is just a silly picture with my Nana (my dads mom).  She past away last year and this was one of the last times she was well enough to come out to a family outing.  Nana was a no nonsense tell you like it was regardless of whether or not it would hurt your feelings kind of lady.  I very luckily was one of her favorites so was only on the receiving end of her speaking her mind only once or twice.  My mom on the other hand was on that end quite often, and as you probably guessed they weren't the best of friends.  I remember growing up and thinking it was so silly why mom didn't get a long with her, because I thought she was the coolest.  But the last couple of years of her life she made a real effort to stop speaking her mind if she knew it wasn't the nicest thing, and if she did still say it she made sure to apologize later on. I think my mom and that Nana would have gotten a long much better.

I still have the last couple of voicemails she left me saved on my phone and will listen to them every couple of months.  I am so happy for all the time I got to spend with her, she was one wonderful lady. 

Little Thoughts

Today started off pretty horribly, well it actually started off late last night, which made for one restless night (I actually ended up hitting Will in the nose as I tossed and turned, oops).  I am an extremely caring person and some people take advantage of that and just walk all over me. It seems so unfair that I have to try and teach myself not to care as much, like it is a bad thing, just because there are people who can be so cruel and use it against you.

Last night I finally said enough is enough, I can only take so much of feeling miserable and just completely disrespected.  It probably took me way longer to get to this point than it really should, but I never want to believe that someone is just using me, maybe that is just incredibly naive of me, I just can't help it.

But thank goodness for Will, after a long talk about what I should do and some breakfast in bed I am feeling much better. I have spent most of the day messing around with After Effects learning all sorts of new techniques, which will hopefully help me land some new freelance jobs, so fingers crossed.  Also I have been watch episodes of Psych on Netflix so that has definitely helped too.

x's and o's

Edit: I wrote this a couple of days ago and was unsure if I would actually post it, so it just sat on my computer.  But after a lot of thinking I thought this is my blog and I can post about whatever I want! Silly that I just now had the realization, but better late than never right.