Sunday Snapshot #6

Oh lordy I can't even believe I am putting this one up, it's really kind of embarrassing. This I think is back from 2004 right before I had officially decided to get a photography degree.  This is one of my very first time messing around with photoshop.  I really have no idea why I took this or what I was going for, I probably thought it was artsy or something, that and I really loved that jacket, haha! Goodness past me can sometimes be embarrassing to current me and most likely future me, hehe.
x's and o's


  1. I find it a really nice picture!!! and I'm glad you posted it,its cute and lovely :)
    Visit my blog and if you like then why dont we follow each other.
    Have a nice day love!

  2. @Anastasia from Natbeesfashion Thank you. I was super hesitant about putting it up, but I happy I did.

    And you have a super cute blog! Let us follow each other for sure!


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