Sunday Snapshot #5

This is from 2006.  The wonderful Hannah and I took a day trip two hours north to Flagstaff when it was far to hot to do anything in good old Phoenix.  I believe we were hanging out and just thought 'it's hot, we should drive up north' and we did haha! I am pretty sure we even made some goofy videos for another friend who wasn't able to come with, I will have to hunt those down :)
Hannah is one of my favorite people, and when she moved to Maryland and I moved to California I thought I would only get to see her once a year if I was lucky, but now that I too live on the east coast I get to see her much more (but still not as much as I would like  do to school and work schedules, but it is better than once a year!)

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  1. Aww, what a great memory! I'm going to be in AZ for the entire month of October (I might've mentioned that) so if you have any fun places to see in and around Prescott you should let me know :)


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