Still Hard at Work

Our two week push on the house is coming to and end very soon, and I must say I am very happy how far we have come! There is still a lot of work to be done, and I know we won't be able to come back up for a while to do it, but I can honestly say I am one happy kid.  It still looks like we are on track for being able to move in this spring, so fingers crossed!

In a way I am also happy to be done working for a little bit, because even though working with Will's family can be great it can also because extremely stressful and peoples tempers seem to flare more quickly than if you were working with a complete stranger, which does not always make for a wonderful work environment, and it doesn't help the matter when we are all living in a little cabin together while working up here. I do not handle stress well, but I am trying my best to deal with it with out working myself up too much, but it can be pretty hard for me.  So I am happy to take a break from building for a little bit. 
At this point in the game I took pictures because I was pretty darn useless helping lift those rafters, haha!
Here is my handsome fella, awaiting his next orders.
We work up the other day to the most beautiful sunrises.  There was so much fog in the air the sun made the sky look like it was on fire. 
The tower we built when we first started building two and a half years ago.  We used it to see over the trees and down into the valley, and now the house is taller than it.
Hope everyones weekend is going splendidly!

x's and o's 


  1. cant wait to see the end result! how exciting :) x

  2. Thank Vicki! I'm so excited to see the end result too! When you work so closely on something sometimes its hard to see that finally picture until it's actually done!


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