Sir had a Birthday!

Thursday was Will's birthday (he is 27!), we took the day off and got out of the house.  We had talked about what to do for his birthday adventures and decided to go on a bike ride down to the beach and drink some yummy abuelita (the most delicious mexican hot chocolate mix you can by in a store) while watch the waves crash into the beach.  But before we went I had a little surprise adventure for Will.

We hoped in my car and I programed the GPS and prayed that he would take us to the right place, sometimes the GPS has issues finding places out here haha. As we drove Will guessed and guessed where we were going never getting even close, that was right until we were about to turned the corner to our destination, he guessed it, a pumpkin patch.  Mr. Peppers Pumpkin Patch to be exact, hehe! Because we were there in the middle of the week it was just us, and about a hundred preschoolers, but we grabbed our wheelbarrow and went in search of the best pumpkin.  Unfortunately because it was already the 20th it seemed like the patch was pretty picked over, but even though we left empty handed we still had a lot of fun! 
We tried our best to do the type of photos little kids would do, I think Will's is pretty spot on, hehe.

After our fun day out and about, we came home and made some yummy pizza had dinner with Will's parents.  Then it was time to enjoyed the wonderfully delicious carrot cake Will's mom made, and present opening including that extremely nice sweater Will is wearing (I got him that hehe) 
I think Will's birthday adventure was a succes, and I am excited to think about all the adventures we will go on next year when we are all moved into the mountain house!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

x's and o's


  1. Happy Birthday to Will! Sounds like a very fun, laid-back day :)

  2. Happy b-day to him! Wish him the best of luck and happiness :)
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I'm following you and it would be great if you would like to follow me back.
    Have a great weekend love :)

  3. happy birthday to your hubbie.

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