Hi October!

It is officially one of my favorite months, October! I have always loved October because it has always felt like the official start to fall for me.  That, and it has Halloween, hehe.

Will and I are still hard at work on the house, sadly not moving as quickly as would like because of weather.  It has been incredibly raining the last couple of days we haven't been able to work, but hopefully the next couple of days we will get some reprieve.  But in the mean time I will continue my decent into old lady-hood by sitting next to our wood stove while  crocheting some winter hats for Will and myself (I am sure they will be making an appearance in a post in the near future).

Will took this picture yesterday, I love it so much.  That is our lovely view from our hopefully soon to be finished home on the mountain.  I can hardly wait to wake up to this every morning.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

x's and o's


  1. Gorgeous view! :) Excited for you guys!

  2. I have to pinch myself almost every time I look at it because I can hardly believe how gorgeous it is :)


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