2nd Annual Birthday Adventure Time

Last year we started this wonderful tradition for Will's birthday, along with our friend Shaye we go out and get some yummy mexican food at La Tolteca and then go and see a scary movie. Last year we went and saw Paranormal Activity 2 and then this year they came out with Paranormal Activity 3 so we had to go see it.  It was pretty scary fun.
At the restaurant they do a song and a little dance, put a hat on your head (new this year) and then give you some wonderfully yummy fried ice cream.  
We all had to take turns wearing the hat for pictures.
I think we all looked super dashing, too bad we weren't allowed to keep it, oh well.

Good times were had by all, that is for sure!

Happy Sunday!

x's and o's


  1. I love the hat! Its funny and colourful!!
    happy Sunday to you too sweety :)

  2. Haha aww! It's funny because in that first picture of you and then in the one of you and Will you look the same...same facial expression and all, hehe. Very cute celebration, glad you guys had fun.

  3. Oh, yay this looks like so much fun and I absolutely LOVE Mexican food, what a super fun tradition. And those hats?! So awesome!! Happy Friday, hun. xo veronika

  4. Growing up in the southwest Mexican food has always been one of my favorite types of food, and were we live now there is only one good Mexican food place, so we frequent quite often, especially for celebrations!


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