Will and I have been hard at work on the house the last couple of days and also have been hard at work getting injuries, nothing too bad thank goodness.  But I wanted to share this super kind of funny injury I ended up getting.  I clocked my head on the corner of a cinder block yesterday (which I don't recommend doing) and it hardly left a mark, then I woke up this morning with this little 'A' where I got hit.  I couldn't help but laugh because it is just so silly, I kind of almost hope it scars and I will forever have an 'A' on my forehead (maybe that's a little weird) 
Sorry for the crappy photo, photobooth doesn't like close-ups I guess.
x's and o's


  1. OUCH! I bruise pretty easily so I feel your pain :)

  2. It is pretty ridiculous how easily I bruise too, haha! Will makes fun of me all the time for it :)


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