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While Will was waiting for a render to finish up he came across the most amazing thing the internet has ever seen at least today.  He found this ...
Chocolate bowls! Ahhh I could hardly contain my excitement when I saw it! I knew I had to make them immediately! We ran out to the store so I could get some semi-sweet chocolate chips and I started to melt them as soon as we got back home.

The first balloon I tried went pop, I think because the melted chocolate was still to hot! 

I put the tape on because I was afraid just popping the balloon would break the bowl.
I think one crucial was left out of the photo instruction, putting some veggie oil on the balloons so they don't stick to the chocolate.  But after lots of peeling we got the balloons off :)

Once we got the balloons unstuck from the chocolate bowls I got super excited, scooped in some ice cream and quickly devoured the yumminess, only to then realize I didn't take any pictures of the finished product oops.   But I am sure you can imagine all the wonderfulness of it! 

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  1. What an AMAZING idea! I want to make these NOW and put Phish Food ice cream in them. Commence diabetic coma.

  2. They were amazing! Just make sure you use a small balloon other wise you bowl will be way too big and you will go into sugar coma for sure!

  3. Wow thats the best chocolate idea ever!
    I want to try this so much!

    thanks for sharing(:

    Carmila Ponycat

  4. Come on Manda!! I specifically requested photos!!!!! I suppose it's understandable, they look irresistible.


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