High Apple Mountain

We are once again up on the mountain to work on the house some more, and are hoping to be able to get the roof on during this trip, fingers crossed.  

I love coming up doing the fall when the trees are all changing colors.  Growing up in Phoenix AZ many of the trees kept their leaves all year long so I only occasionally saw all those wonderful yellow and orange colors.  As far back as I can remember I alway wanted to live in a place where there were actual seasons and the trees changed colors. I remember watching the movie Hocus Pocus (and pretty much every other halloween movie from when I was young) and seeing the towns they took place with all the wonderful colors in the trees and knowing that I want to one day end up in a place like that.  And once the this house is actually done I will! Eeeee, I can hardly wait for it to be done! 
The fields are just filled with these tiny white and yellow flowers now, its so pretty.
I love this picture because it almost looks like I am standing in a dip because of how the tree and the grass is going.

I can't wait till we move up here and I will be able to wear things other than my work pants, haha! 
Will had our friend Shaye make this owl hat for my birthday, not sure if you can tell put the ties have little claws at the end them! Eeee! It's pretty much the greatest thing ever! 
x's and o's


  1. So excited for you guys! When are you aiming to move into the house? And I know what you mean about Hocus Pocus, such a beautiful spot! We see lots of foliage in Maine but that movie still makes me feel all fallish and happy :)

  2. We are hoping to move in by early spring, but we wouldn't mind even earlier :)


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