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So as I mentioned in an earlier post hurricane Irene came and went with out doing much to us, thankfully. But Will and I did make another trip down to Rehoboth Beach to check it out and see how the beach fared.  From what Will tells me about the beach every couple of years gigantic boats suck up sand on the bottom of the ocean and pump it back onto the beach because it keeps getting washed away.  It kind of seems silly to me, but the beach is a big tourist spot so I guess it makes sense.
It looked like the storm took some of the beach but not very much.  And the only damage we really saw was a knocked over fence.  
And here is a goofy picture of me for good measure, haha!

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  1. Hi Amanda! This is Caitlin (Will's step-cousin from Maine)...found you via Susannahbean! So glad you guys are doing so well, very happy for you! :)


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