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So as I mentioned in an earlier post hurricane Irene came and went with out doing much to us, thankfully. But Will and I did make another trip down to Rehoboth Beach to check it out and see how the beach fared.  From what Will tells me about the beach every couple of years gigantic boats suck up sand on the bottom of the ocean and pump it back onto the beach because it keeps getting washed away.  It kind of seems silly to me, but the beach is a big tourist spot so I guess it makes sense.
It looked like the storm took some of the beach but not very much.  And the only damage we really saw was a knocked over fence.  
And here is a goofy picture of me for good measure, haha!

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Well darnit..

I just found out that my website for my book has not been working properly for who knows how long, it hasn't been taking people to the check out so you can buy it! Le boo! Thankfully Will is on the case, but he is also trying to figure out what happened to his website as well.  Apparently it's not a good day for websites belonging to us, haha!

Anyhoo I also wanted to share our latest video creation, it's pretty darn silly.  We made it while we were stuck inside the house when Irene was huffing and a puffing.  Hope you enjoy!

Edit: I've been told the video is being fickle so here is the direct link too. 

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Come on Irene...

First an earthquake then a hurricane, gosh who knew Delaware was such an exciting place.  On Tuesday while I was at my computer editing, Will was on the phone, the house started to shake, at first we thought it was a low flying plane or a big truck driving by, but then it kept on going.  We couldn't believe it we just had an earthquake out here, and started excitingly looking up on the computer to see if it was really one, it is pretty rare to get one out here.  After a little digging on the computer we found out that the earthquake originated from Virginia and could be felt all the way up through parts of New York, we almost couldn't believe it!  And I thought I was getting away from those guys when I moved to the east coast, haha! 

And then came good old Irene with all her huffing and puffing.  Thank goodness it wasn't actually very bad where were are, but the news sure made it out like it was the end of the world. So because of all of the end of the world talk from the news we went down to Rehoboth Beach the day before Irene made her arrival to see all the preparations the boardwalk businesses and houses were making.  We weren't the only ones curious about the preparations taking place for this hurricane, as there were almost as many people as there typically are late into the summer season.
One of the business on the boardwalk all board up.
Another business starting to board up their windows.
And my sir! 
We went back down to the beach today to check to see how everything looked, and the only thing really different was there was more sand on the boardwalk than usual.  I guess we got pretty lucky, thank goodness!

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Goodbye August

Just a super short note to let you know I'm still alive.

August has been pretty crazy hence the lack of actual posts.  Will and I have spent most of the month up on the mountain in WV working on the house.  We are getting closer to being done with every passing day, it's super exciting, and I think we might actually get the roof on by October!  I will hopefully be posting some pictures of our progress with the house soon!

Now I must get back to work editing.  Hopefully I can muster up an actual post soon.

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Hello August

Well goodness I can hardly believe that it is already August!  Will and I have been traveling so much time has just flown by it seems like!

We were in Arizona until the 21st then flew back out to the Delaware and promptly just into our car and drove out to West Virginia.  Now normally the WV drive is not too bad about 5 hours or so, but when you add those 5 hours on about 8 hours a flying (with layovers and all) it makes it pretty miserable.  Oh and did I mention we didn't start that drive till almost 9 pm at night, ughz.  But we made it up to the mountain all safe and sound and spent the next week working on the house. 
This is it before we poured the bedroom floor.  Now all we have to do is another 8 feet of block work or so, haha!
Thankfully the mountain has so many wonderful flowers and things, it helps make it worth all the work we are putting into it.

Now we are back in Delaware for a couple of weeks before we head back out to the mountain, which feels kind of nice to be in one place for a little while.