Sedona Arizona

Will and I decided to take a little day trip up to Sedona AZ, which is about 2 hours north of Phoenix.  I hadn't been there in ages and Will had never been up there, so I figured it would be a fun little adventure.  We completely lucked out with the weather and it was only in the high 80's which is pretty wonderful for good old hot Arizona, haha! 
Downing some water after walking around for a couple of hours. Will thinks it's funny how much water I drink, but I can't help it I just love it so much! haha! 
And now for the obligatory retrocam photos, haha! 

 We really wanted to stick around for the sunset but we had to leave before than to let the little pups we are housesitting out, but we are planning another trip back out there in December, so I'm sure we can make it happen then.

Now we are just getting pumped up for some Harry Potter tonight! Eeee! It's absurd how excited I am for it tonight!

x's and o's

Handsome Teddy

We are currently house-sitting for a couple of my favoritest animals on this planet. This is Teddy. Will makes fun of me because pretty much every time I talk about him I start by saying how handsome he is, haha!  But how can you not, because I mean he is just so handsome!
Will and Teddy.
x's and o's

Dust, dust, dust and more dust

Will and I arrived safely to good old hot Arizona the other evening, and Arizona greeted us the best way it new how, with a 50 mile long 5,000 ft high rolling dust monster, haha!
The view outside the patio door.
We got this when there wasn't as much dust blowing around, but there still was quite a bit dust in the air.

Just after the dust storm passed over us.
The pool the next morning with around 3 inches of dust at the bottom.
Teddy checking out what all the hullabaloo fromt he night before was.

Monsoons and dust storms are one of my favorite things about Arizona! And this was the first monsoon storm will has ever experienced, so it made it doublely special!!!

x's and o's

Blueberry muffins

Will and I are headed off to Phoenix tomorrow and I thought what better way to get through an early morning flight than having some yummy homemade muffins.  However, this baking project went a little haywire  on me, from over flowing batter to smoke billowing, and yet somehow they came out wonderfully scrumshus!
Fresh out of the oven (after the smoke has dissipated, haha!) 
I miss calculated the crumble and made way too much, which led me pile it on top of the muffins, thus leading to over flow and the giant smoke bomb that went off in the oven, haha!
I think they still came out pretty good looking, and so yummy tasting too!

x's and o's

Muffin recipe after the cut :)