Green trees and blue skies

I decided to turn some of those lovely blackberries I picked the other day into a pie, which came out quite nicely considering we don't have an oven up on the mountain and I had to use the toaster oven. 
This is what Will and I have been up to these past couple of weeks up on the mountain.  It might not look like much, but it is an almost finished basement on our house.  Eeeee! I can't remember if I have actually mentioned that we are building this house because it has been going so SLOWLY over the past couple of years it almost started to feel like it was never going to get done, but things are looking up, so fingers crossed! 
This is part of the lovely view we have up on the mountain.  It amazes me every time I look at it

I didn't realize until I uploaded this photo that there was a branch completely cutting out off Will's eye, haha!
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summer bloom

More mountain adventures...
The blackberries have started to ripen. We had a field day picking as many as we could get our hands on, haha! I think I will bake some of them into a pie later tonight, yummy.

We have been seeing these little creatures running around all over the place, but have never been able to get close enough for a picture, until yesterday.  This little guy decided to make his home in some of the cinder blocks we are using for the house.

One day this house might actually be done enough that we can live up here full time. Until then we will just come up for week long visits, sigh.

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Sunday Snapshot #3

Yes, yes I do realize that it's not actually Sunday but rather Tuesday, but what can I say besides I was busy over the weekend and instead of posting the snapshot I posted a Happy Papa's day to my dad.  You can't really get mad at me for that now can you, haha!
I think this was at Disneyland, and I would guess that I was no more than three years old or so.  My parents always told me I used to smile out of the side of my mouth while gritting my teeth. Haha in fact don't think much has actually changed.  Also those stylish pink overalls I am was wearing can be seen in pretty much every picture taken of me during this time, because I thought those things were the shiz, haha!
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It's Papa's Day

I think this photo really sums up how great my dad is, I mean come on he is letting his two kids hold him up for a photograph! But I am pretty sure Brian is doing most of the work as I just kind of hold on to his legs, haha!

Happy Papa's Day!

Mountain Fun

Will and I have been on the mountain for the past two weeks, slowly working on the house and hanging out (mostly hanging out haha!) I feel almost every time we are up there we seem a new woodland creature we are sharing our home with, and this time was no different.

On one of our walks around the mountain we came across some chipmunks, which I am absolutely obsessed with never having seen them in real life until recently.  They are wonderfully delightful little creatures, I just wish they would let me get a little closer, and you know maybe hug them, haha!  We also saw a little grey fox bounding his way across an open field.  I instantly started singing this..
This is one of my favorite Pixar shorts, unfortunately Will has never seen it so he thought I was just being a nutter as per usual, haha. 
Then Will went to take some pictures as one of the fields when all of a sudden a baby deer comes from across the road straight up to him crying.  We think his mom left him in part of the woods to go get some food, and being the little silly baby he is wandered away.  We took some pictures with him then made sure he got back with his mother who we saw farther down the road.
His eyes were so big and mesmerizing, it was incredible!
He almost feel asleep while Will carried him like this back to the area we saw his mama.
I cannot wait for the house to be done on the mountain so we can live there! One day, one day.

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