I should probably just stop apologizing

I have been extremely MIA so much so I almost amaze myself now haha!

Work has been pretty crazy this last month, if the weddings edits and a new YouTube video with Will ever other Saturday weren't already enough, we have also started making web commercials, haha!  But I really shouldn't complain because we are pretty lucky getting to work on such fun things.

We did however take last weekend off and went to visit our friends Hannah and Eric in DC to partake in a city wide game of zombie tag called Survive DC.  It was absolutely wonderful!

Survive DC from Will Hyler on Vimeo.

Will made a video about our adventures, feel free to check it out. It really captures the feel of the game.

Now I must get back to editing, and once again I shall try to update more consistently, but I cannot promise anything, haha!

Happy Thursday!

x's and o's 


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