friday loves

Happy Friday everyone! Here are the things that I fell in love with during the week.
I am totally style crushing on Miss Chelsea from Tea Talk.  I love her simple casual style. It's just too cute!
(via: Tea Talk)
I really love the feel of this illustration by Brent Couchman
(via: Brent Couchman)
How adorable is this romper?! I think I must have it!
(via: ModCloth)
This forget me knot ring is too cute! I've always loved the idea of tying a string around your finger to remember something.
(via: FredFlare)
So true, so true.  Yasmine over at Cat Versus Human knows what's up.
(via: Cat Versus Human)

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  1. ohhh that ring is great!
    and i love cat vs human. so funny.


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