Bumble Bee Busy

This last week has been pretty jam packed with both good and not so good, but thankfully mostly good things.  So I once again missed some weekly posts,  I apologize, but I am sure you shall forgive me.

Anyways I don't have too much time for this post but I do want to share a new video form Will and myself.  I am pretty proud of this one because I came up with the story and directed it! Frist time, eee! Hopefully you guys will enjoy it!

Also check out the amazing illustration Will created for our Youtube home page!
Make sure you actually go to our homepage and check out the whole illustration. My little laptop screen grab couldn't capture it all. (youtube)
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Sunday Snapshot #2

As far back as I can remember I have always been slightly fearful of clowns.  I don't know what it is about clowns that's so off putting to me, all I know is that I don't like them.  I love looking back at this particular photo because I think it so funny how distrusting of the clown I look, even at that age.  I believe my mom was trying to convince me that the clown was nice and just wanted to give me a balloon, but I sure look like I have my doubts haha!

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friday loves

Happy Friday everyone! Here are the things that I fell in love with during the week.
I am totally style crushing on Miss Chelsea from Tea Talk.  I love her simple casual style. It's just too cute!
(via: Tea Talk)
I really love the feel of this illustration by Brent Couchman
(via: Brent Couchman)
How adorable is this romper?! I think I must have it!
(via: ModCloth)
This forget me knot ring is too cute! I've always loved the idea of tying a string around your finger to remember something.
(via: FredFlare)
So true, so true.  Yasmine over at Cat Versus Human knows what's up.
(via: Cat Versus Human)

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